'Law & Order: SVU' Best Tweets: 'Russian Brides'
'Law & Order: SVU' Best Tweets: 'Russian Brides'
Here are the best tweets about this week's Law & Order: SVU episode:

#10. @terrysilkaitis
"How has SVU not yet done an episode called Russian Brides?"

-There is no time like the present!

#9. @ejclarke_
"Anyone else think it's funny that Cragen is 'GOING UNDERCOVER' as a 'sad and lonely suitor'? That's WHO HE IS, you guys."


#8. @nettie_B
"Olivia you don't read Russian? I am disappoint."

-We have found her weakness! Everyone: learn Russian, commit crime, get away with it.

#7. @built4dtough
"Cragen got his Viagra and his life alert necklace...He ready!"

-Preparedness is key in undercover work.

#6. @GabeDuverge
"Don't you hate it when the rookie cop accidently kills the criminal mastermind  that's holding the child hostage..."

-Yes. Yes I do.

#5. @uliss_n_2me
"Reasons why the only woman I trust is my mother."

-I also only trust your mother.

#4. @MVerlaine
"Is SVU just full of miserable people or what?"
-Welcome to the big city.

#3. @signedmissyoung
"This SVU is more interesting than the others. This blonde detective, whose name I still don't know, still irks my nerves."

-Shows your devotion. Her name is--it starts with - crap.

#2. @AbbyFearless
"I HAVE ONLY ONE SVU request. Change the music. It sounded like the Cadbury bunny. Bok bok bok bok.

#1. @NumiStylez
"When the detective turns his chair backwards during questioning....your gone be there a while."

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Amber Lee
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of NBC)