'Law & Order: SVU' Awesome Quotes: 'Russian Brides'
'Law & Order: SVU' Awesome Quotes: 'Russian Brides'
Here are the best lines from this week's Law & Order: SVU episode, "Russian Brides":

Russian mobster to victim: "Get in car! Get in car!"

Tut, speaking to Amaro: "Witnesses are like children."

Amaro to Benson after an extensive conversation about his family: "Was that TMI?"

Fiancee of the victim after the police converge on him: "You can't be here. They'll kill her!
Benson: "Who? Lena?"
Fiancee: "You can't be here...is she dead? They said they'd bring her here. I paid! I paid! I paid, I paid, I paid."

Fiancee on how the two met: "It's gonna sound cheap...well, it is cheap."

Tut, harassing a web-developer: "First, spit that lollipop out of your mouth before I smack it out!"

Cabot: "When was the last time you were undercover?"
Cragen: "Probably before either of you were born."

Lena: "You're very handsome."
Cragen: "Please, they say I have a face for radio."

Amaro talking to Cragen: "I didn't know they had tape recorders back when you graduated from the Academy."

Lena, speaking of the suspect: "He always watches."

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Amber Lee
Fan Columnist

(Image courtesy of NBC)