Guest Stars Talk About Their Stint on 'Law & Order: SVU'
Guest Stars Talk About Their Stint on 'Law & Order: SVU'
Late last month, we reported that the tenth season of Law & Order: SVU will feature Sara Gilbert and Luke Perry as guest stars in the season premiere of the returning series.  We saw them open the new season with a darker, more intense flair to it.  We saw Gilbert play a rape victim, while Perry played an abusive father.  Recently, the two guest stars spoke of their experience on Law & Order: SVU and gave us a peek into how it is working on some heavy material.

Sara Gilbert admits that prior to her stint, she spoke to “a couple of rape victims and one in particular who had had post-traumatic stress disorder to kind of figure out what that's like.”

She added that the victim “talked about a lot of numbness and stuff so that really helped me understand how it's hard to function and what happens.  And then I just tried to think about losing the things that are most important to me.  What would make me so disabled that I would start to lose the things in my life that are that mean something to me.”

As for Luke Perry, he says that his character is stereotyped as “bad,” but in reality, “I don't see [those characters] as plainly bad.  Nobody's bad all the time.  Nobody sits around being bad 24/7.  So there are always moments when you gotta find the humanity to people who may be considered the bad guy.”

Additionally, Perry applauds the writers for creating such dynamic characters that aren’t just one-sided, but complex and interesting.  He says, “this is one of the things about this particular script of 'Law & Order' that, as I read it, at first I saw it in kind of primary colors.  And the more I read it the more I started to realize there was so much room in there for me to find places there the guy could be likeable because in his mind he's doing a good thing.”

Executive producer Neal Baer also points out that having complex and dynamic characters is what keeps the long-running procedural drama alive.  He said, “Our show is also about the social issues and the psychological issues so even though [the episodes are] intense there is heart to it.”

Catch Law & Order: SVU’s new episode on Tuesday next week, October 14 at 10pm on NBC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Futon Critic
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