2012 Emmy Predictions: 5 Nominations I DON'T Want to See
2012 Emmy Predictions: 5 Nominations I DON'T Want to See
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Emmy nominations are coming bright and early Thursday morning. I've already written about some of the wild card nominees I'm hoping to see, but now I'm going in the opposite direction.

Every year there are a few WTF? nominees that are disastrously miserable, a direct result of the aged Emmy voters rubberstamping the same old people and shows. See Kathy Bates' nomination for Harry's Law as a prime example last year.

So here are five potential nominations I'm rooting AGAINST this year.

Jon Cryer as a Lead Actor

For the past six years Jon Cryer has regrettably taken up a spot in the competitive Supporting Actor race for the utterly mediocre Two and a Half Men. The year he won and robbed Neil Patrick Harris of his Emmy remains a black mark on the awards for me. This year, without Charlie Sheen, Cryer is competing as a Lead Actor. I just hope the move doesn't result in him taking a valuable nomination from someone else more deserving.

The Office

For the past six years The Office has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. But enough is enough. The show's best years are long gone and the latest season was a miserable failure. More often than not Emmy voters keep nominating the same things over and over again regardless of quality (how else do you explain Tony Shalhoub's eight consecutive nominations for Monk). I just pray The Office doesn't get nominated again for its terrible season.

Girls and Enlightened

I acknowledge these shows have wildly varying opinions. Some people (and critics) LOVE these two HBO "comedies" and think they deserve a ton of major nominations. I, on the other hand, find them painfully awful and not very funny. I know lots of critics are praying for Girls and Enlightened to be announced Thursday morning, but I'm hoping my prayers are louder.

Downton Domination

I realize the fancy, schmancy Downton Abbey is very cool, but I'm not on board with it entering the Drama races after competing as a Miniseries last year. I haven't climbed aboard the Downton train, and I don't really think pitting major network and even cable shows against a British import on PBs is fair. Hopefully it will only get a few nominations (I realize Maggie Smith is a lock for Supporting Actress), but I don't want it gobbling up all the nominations at the expense of other shows.

Mariska Hargitay

For the past eight years, Mariska Hargitay has been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Law and Order: SVU. It's time the free ride came to an end. Yeah, she's fine, but in a field of truly remarkable performances that routinely get ignored (Katey Sagal on Sons of Anarchy or Emmy Rossum on Shameless), rubber-stamping this old-fashioned crime procedural just seems wrong.

Are there any potential nominees you're rooting against at this year's Emmys?

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