Tonight on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'
Tonight on 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'
Last week, Law & Order: Criminal Intent returned to the NBC lineup after a season spent in airing on the network's sister cable station, USA.  Viewers with access to cable programming have already witnessed Law & Order: Criminal Intent's seventh season.  However, those without cable service will now get a chance to savor the show's latest season, with this special encore screening to fill in regular network programming that's been thrown into chaos by the writers' walkout.

For its debut back on NBC last week, Law & Order: Criminal Intent scored 2.5 in the ratings, 38 percent lower than its showing during its premiere last year.  Its parent program, Law & Order, also took an 18 percent dip from last week's first episode at 3.1.

For those who are just now getting a look at season 7 of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, here's a preview of some of the first few episodes.  In tonight's feature entitled “Seeds,” a doctor is murdered and there is reason to believe that more personal motives may be behind his killing.  When the body of the fertility specialist is found, the crime scene appears to have been staged to show that it was committed as a political statement.  But as Detectives Logan (Chris Noth) and Falacci (Alicia Witt) follow the clues during their investigation, they start to believe that the perpetrator may be much closer to the victim.

Next week, Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns with another case involving the murder of yet another health practitioner in the episode entitled “Smile.”  In this episode, the team looks into the dentist's death and find themselves on the trail of counterfeit and poison-laced mouthwash.  The case of the tainted dental hygiene product is traced all the way back to powerful centers of finance and government as Wallstreet and FDA involvement become apparent.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Week, Spoiler TV
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