'Last Resort' Review: Enemies Everywhere
'Last Resort' Review: Enemies Everywhere
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last Resort kicked up the danger to the crew substantially in "Eight Bells." The list of threats moved beyond just the US government and outside forces after the nuclear submarine. They now have to worry about opposition right there on the island from Mayor Julian Serrat and from their own disgruntled sailors.

The troubles began immediately and they didn't stop coming. The island may be a beautiful place, but it is definitely no vacation.

Dissension in the Crew

The sailors have made their presence known on the island and not in a good way. Military men are supposed to live by a code of honor; I'm not sure where stealing a banana fits into that category. To make matters worse, the sailor's belligerence towards Sam was one of many signs of fractures in the authority structure.

Marcus and Sam need to get their sailors under control or the situation will get out of control. The last thing they need is sailors acting out on the island and stirring up trouble with the locals. The brig isn't big enough to hold too many more prisoners.

Marcus did free up one spot by letting the COB out of the brig. Marcus is better off having his support, than putting up with him manipulating people secretly. Marcus agreed to have him testify at his court martial, in exchange, for the COB helping Marcus on the island. Seems like a fair trade, as long as they can trust one another.

Enemies on the Island and in the Sea

Mayor Julian Serrat was unhappy that Marcus hadn't stopped by to meet him yet. With Julian holding three sailors hostage, it wasn't long before Marcus made the trip. Sophie helped facilitate a meeting between the Mayor and the Captain.

Julian was not willing to let his hostages go. He wanted payback for the death of a 15-year old boy during the shoot-out. In exchange for the hostages, Julian wanted Marcus to retrieve a shipment that was outside the barricade. Marcus agreed.

This led to an extremely tense mission to get the shipment and then back without being detected by the US warships and attacked. Using the cloaking device, the USS Colorado made the meet without a problem. It was on the return trip that there was a problem. 

The cloaking device failed and Marcus showed why he is a Captain by getting them through the dangerous situation. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering how they would get out of it. With Sophie's help they navigated through a very small cavern and returned safely.

It wasn't enough though. Julian was angry that Marcus missed his deadline and with no hesitation killed one of the sailors, Redman. Marcus was visibly upset with this outcome. Sam wanted immediate retribution, but Marcus cautioned for restraint.

For the safety of the crew, Marcus was right. They needed to wait and make a calculated and careful move. Julian is going to be made to pay for killing one of Marcus's men, but it will happen on his terms.

Though, how can Marcus fault Julian for doing exactly the same thing that he did. Marcus missed the deadline and Julian made him pay the price. Isn't that exactly what Marcus did by launching a nuke at the US? Or, bombing the USS Illinois?

Marcus may have detonated the nuke in the ocean and used a dummy bomb against the USS Illinois, but their motivation was the same -- demonstrating their power.

Troubles in DC

Kylie was approached by Admiral Shepard regarding the military orders given to the USS Colorado. After some tense moments, she agreed to help him. She has enemies all around her and can use whatever help she can get.

She asked her boyfriend to get information on the order through his boss's office, but to make sure it came from the Senator. At least she didn't want to get him killed. She made a big mistake in revealing that she had the only copy of the prototype data locked up in her safe.

She returned home to find it missing. As many threats that the crew has on and off the island, at this point, I worry more for Kylie. She has put herself right in the middle of this mess. Will her father be able to protect her? Or, is he part of the problem?

Who do you think is the greatest threat to the crew? The US Government? Other entity? Mayor Serrat? Or, internal dissension?

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