'Last Resort' Review: Discord Runs Deep
'Last Resort' Review: Discord Runs Deep
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The revolt against Captain Chaplin and XO Kendal came to a head on Last Resort's "Voluntold." I had never heard of the term voluntold before, but it is a slang word that means the opposite of volunteer; to be forcibly volunteered. The perfect title for this episode.

Mutiny of the Mutiny?

Captain Chaplin and XO Kendal strongly believe that their decision to question the orders was the right one to make, but they have now been court martialed and officially named as traitors. This puts the crew of the USS Colorado in a difficult position. They have been tied to a mutiny against their own country without a choice and now their lives are in danger.

Chaplin has maintained leadership and control of the sub, but not the hearts or minds of his people. Secretary of Defense Curry bypassed the ship's command and ordered sailors to take Chaplin out. The first assassination attempt against Chaplin failed and it didn't scare him, but he realized he had to give the sailors a choice.

Each man and woman on that ship needed to decide if they wanted to be there or not. And, for the most part, it looks like Chaplin will honor the sailors' request, except for Anders. His presence on the sub is crucial to its operation.

Chaplin was able to win his sailors over due to Curry's rash decision to tell Brannon to take down the ship. Curry was willing to sacrifice the 120 souls on board to remove the thorn in his side. With that order, Curry lost any leverage he had. And, Brannon ended up making the same decision that Chaplin and Kendal made -- he disobeyed an order.

While Chaplin's maneuvers may buy him some loyalty back, discord is bound to remain at some level. He is a smart man though and played the situation to perfection. His mind was clear, while Curry's was clouded by his need to cover up what really happened at any cost.

Why Did the Illinois Shoot at the Colorado?

Initially, it was assumed the Colorado was targeted because Chaplin and Kendal disobeyed the order to nuke Pakistan, but now that doesn't seem to be the case. Shepard confronted King about what the heck the SEALs were really doing. He didn't respond, but his determination to find out information from his injured man provided clues.

At this point, it looks like the orders to nuke Pakistan were sent to cover up whatever happened on the SEAL mission, which looks like an assassination. If that's the case, if the Colorado would have followed through on the missile launch order, would the US have disavowed the attack and had the Illinois bomb the Colorado anyway?

Or, did the government decide the only way to play it out was to bomb the Colorado when they disobeyed the order. That attack provided the foundation to bomb Pakistan. I'm leaning towards the Colorado would have been the scapegoat either way.

This conspiracy runs deep. I appreciate that it is moving along at a decent pace. We are getting clues and answers each week. At least Kylie found out that her father was responsible for her data being stolen. I was afraid that secret would drag out forever. 

Now, she can pick a side and have a better understanding of who is and isn't her ally. Kylie and Admiral Shepard are going to be the ones to bust this conspiracy wide open, as long as they survive. Given Kylie's smile at Christine's outrage, perhaps they will end up working together too. 

Troubles on the Island

While the Colorado crew were having trouble, there were also power plays happening on the island. Julian continued to throw his weight around. Drugs were stolen from the medical unit for safe passage off the island. The SEALs went in to take it back without trouble, but I doubt Julian will let that go for long.

In addition, Julian held Sophie responsible for a deal he made with the geologist, who left the island. What is it that Julian is looking for? It's some kind of mineral and a valuable one. Sophie lied about the results, but she won't be able to hold off Julian forever.

This mineral situation is going to end up deadly. Sophie was so concerned about it, she brought Kendal to see the beauty of the island. Will she tell him what's going on so the military can protect her and the island resources? It looks like it will be one more thing the Colorado will be called to defend.

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