'Last Resort' Recap: The Fake-Supply Guy, Crayons and the Kiss
'Last Resort' Recap: The Fake-Supply Guy, Crayons and the Kiss
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Last Resort changed things up a bit with "Another Fine Navy Day," by using Memento-like story telling. In the middle of the episode, it got a bit confusing, but it ended up working brilliantly and I loved it. It was particularly nice to see Sam and Christine together, even if their interactions were just hallucinations.

Hallucinations Reveal the Truth

Up until now, the leadership of the USS Colorado has been focused on their own survival and that of their crew. The hallucinations provided them an outlet to focus on their own personal needs and feelings.

Sam desperately misses Christine and worries about what the separation will do to their relationship. They have no mean of communication. While he recorded her a taped message, he hasn't heard back yet. (Check out our interview with Jessy Schram for more on that video.) They are isolated from each other. And, the photo of Christine and Paul didn't help the situation.

Even more telling was that shocking final reveal that Sam was hallucinating that Sophie was Christine. Sure he was hallucinating, but for him to connect Sophie with his love for Christine showed his growing feelings for Sophie. 

Marcus continues to struggle with the loss of his son. He has pushed his feelings deep inside, so he can lead the USS Colorado through this crisis, the pain is still there. I loved his hallucination of the carrots being crayons and then the bedtime story. 

His loss is going to stick with him and if he doesn't deal with it, it could prevent him from doing what's right or necessary for his and the crew's survival. His outburst at Curry during the negotiations could be tame compared to what could happen.

Traitors Among the Crew

Who EPI'd the Captain? Someone on the sub knew about the attack and not only stole all the EPIPens, but more importantly stole the Missile Launch Firing Key. At least, it was someone who didn't want the captain or the crew dead. This mystery person could have easily have left the oxygen turned off and killed them all.

Was this person working with Serrat? What about the fake-supply guy? The conspiracy definitely seems to be an inside job. Without the Firing Key, the USS Colorado is at a disadvantage and perhaps a deadly one if the US government finds out.

Who do you think is the traitor? My first guess would be the COB, but I'm going to have to think on it a bit.

The Secret SEAL Mission

The fake-supply guy showed up to capture James and Hopper and killed the other two SEALs. Why? What happened in Pakistan to trigger this mess? We know that their mission was initially to extract someone, but then it was changed to a kill order. Who was the target? And, why was Hopper the only one to get the changed order?

This is just as much a mystery as why the USS Colorado received their missile strike orders through the secondary channel. Has someone within the military or government gone rogue? Or, has the government itself gotten corrupted?

Final Thoughts

The BZ chemical attack had far-reaching consequences for the USS Colorado crew and the village both on an individual level and for the community at large. Will the village overlook this outbreak or will they blame the military and push back on their presence.

Mayor Serrat was misled about what would happen, but is that enough to keep him from retaliation from Chaplin? Will Serrat now help the military as a sort of repentance  Or, will they continue to be enemies?

Sam and Sophie are going to have to deal with the kiss. Sophie's reaction while watching the video was telling. She has feelings for Sam, but he is married. He must also be feeling something for her to mistake Sophie for his wife. I was not looking forward to this relationship, but I'm happy it came about the way that it did. Sam didn't technically cheat on Christine, but it will cause him to recognize and deal with his growing relationship with Sophie.

The biggest threat right now is the missing Firing Key. With the fake-supply guy in their custody, Sam and Marcus are sure to interrogate him to find out who else he was working with. And, details about the mission. I wouldn't want to be him.

For more on Last Resort, check out our recent interviews with Andre Braugher and Jessy Schram!

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