'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview: Chin Han Talks Loyalties and an Explosive Conclusion
'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview: Chin Han Talks Loyalties and an Explosive Conclusion
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Even though Last Resort didn't receive a full-season episode order, that's no reason to stop watching this intense thriller. The producers had enough time to give the show a proper ending on their terms. If you are a fan of Last Resort, you will want to watch the final three episodes to see the epic conclusion of this nuclear stand-off.

On the last episode, "Blue Water," before the winter hiatus, Chin Han (The Dark Knight, Contagion) joined the show as the Chinese representative, Zheng Li. I had the opportunity to speak with Han about his role on the show and what is coming up in the final three episodes.

What is Zheng's position in China?
He's actually an ambassador. He is an ambassador that's well versed in the politics of the US and China. So, he was sent on this humanitarian mission to bring supplies in to Sainta Marina. And China, as powerful as it is, is about the only country that is able to embark on such a mission. Now whether he is a trojan horse or whether his intentions are sincere that remains to be seen. But, at this point and time, it is a urgent mission that he is on because people on the island are starving due to the blockade.

Are we supposed to see Zheng as a villain? Or, does he have a good heart that wants to help? Or, is it a mixture of the two?
It's a mixture of the two. Zheng is basically a man of books. He's not a war monger. But, he has a mission and as much as he likes Marcus Chaplin. And, he does like Marcus Chaplin. ... There's a lot of kinship there. I think that Zheng sees Marcus as a kindred spirit in terms of how they feel about the state of the world. But, they each have their loyalties and they are very firm in their loyalties to their countries. So, I think whether you agree with the loyalties will then determine whether you like the characters or not. 

As written, there is a very complex character here. I think there are things to like about him. He can understand what is going on the island and he would like more than anything to see Marcus Chaplin vindicated. But, I think the part I'll leave up to the audience is the part where he has to fulfill his mission.

Based on the agreement, China would provide supplies with no-strings attached, but that seems unlikely. What can you tease about that?
What I find interesting is that Shawn [Ryan] and Karl [Gajdusek] have subverted a lot of storytelling conventions, even on other shows that they have created. In this particular instance, the US government is seen as the shady organization while the Chinese now are here presenting a human face on a government that hasn't had the opportunity to be seen as such, so that's what drew me to the story in the first place. 

Coming back to your question, the no-strings attached is while the island is in its current state. Now, if you have been following the series you will know that there are a lot of forces at work here. Marcus Chaplin, the Captain, is now having to deal with the possibility of mutineers, he has to deal with a corrupt mayor of the island, he most recently had a run in with Pakistan and India. All of that is currently brewing and in future episodes will change the power structures on the island. 

And, as the power structures change, the mission that [Zheng] is on necessarily evolves. [Laughs] What I can say is that the ending ... it promises to be an explosive one. It is pretty stunning in the way it ends.

Do you think fans will be satisfied with the ending?
It is a surprising ending, but I think it is an emotionally satisfying one. I think the fans will like this, [they] will be moved by the ending more than anything else. When I was reading [the script for the first time], I was very emotional about it. Then, when we got to do it, it was a fitting end to my experience on Last Resort as well.

Chin Han will next be seen guest starring on the CW's Arrow.

Last Resort returns Thursday, January 10 with "Damn the Torpedoes" at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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