'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview with Daniel Lissing: Love, Life, and Conspiracy on the Island
'Last Resort' Exclusive Interview with Daniel Lissing: Love, Life, and Conspiracy on the Island
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Last Resort, Daniel Lissing plays a Navy SEAL that was picked up by the USS Colorado after a mission went bad in Pakistan. Initially, the SEALs are upset that Captain Chaplin didn't follow through with the launch. When the sub reached the island, James left, headed off on his own and started a relationship with islander, Tani. 

Lissing did the interview from Hawaii where he said the weather had been "Rainy over last few days. A nice welcome change. A don't mind a little thunderstorm every now and again." Definitely better than the cold winter coming here in Chicago!

James and Tani? Is that for real? Or, is she just a available, attractive, unique female for James to spend time with?

It's for real, for sure. He has feelings for Tani and they're real feelings. The trouble arises when he has to choose between what he's always been loyal to, which is the United States, the flag, his patriotism, his duty as a SEAL and as a Navy man. And, this alternative life that Tani has on the table for him. She represents an alternative to the weight of the world situation he's in at the moment.

In last week's episode, James found out what happened in Pakistan really did spark this incident. Does he fear for his life and fear the US government?

I think that James is the kind of guy that's used to fearing for his life. That's what he does. He puts his life on the line constantly. It's his job. I think he's more concerned about what that means for America ... his family ... the crew of the Colorado and other Americans.

He doesn't know what's the right side at the moment. But, he certainly knows that he's on a list. He's on a list and he's probably better off for the powers that be at the moment in a body bag. He'd prefer it not to happen, don't get me wrong. You know, he's like, "I'm pretty happy being above ground for the moment." That's his point of view. 

I know he's got a lot of questions rattling around. He has a lot of guilt there as well. It's going to reveal itself over the next few episodes. ... It's going to come to a head.

In tonight's episode, Grace and James are going to be forced to work together, what are they going to have to do?

What happens is that there's a black op from the BZ attack that has survived. We have to warn her about that. In the process of warning her, one of the crew members gets a bomb strapped to her. We have to work together to dismantle this bomb. 

This terrorist attack, w don't know who's done it. We set about to disable this bomb. It may or may not go off. I will say it's a really, really intense moment, that one.. We really butt heads a lot. This show is so much about those personal relationships where these ordinary people are in extraordinary situations. And, forced to work together. We are kinda forced to work together here. And that will either bring us to closer together or completely destroy us.

Last Resort airs on Thursdays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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