New Host Craig Robinson Cracks Open 'Last Comic Standing' Gig
New Host Craig Robinson Cracks Open 'Last Comic Standing' Gig
He worked as Daryl on The Office's warehouse, then manipulated the bubbly fabric of time on Hot Tub Time Machine. Now, actor Craig Robinson will be undergoing a major change, just like the seventh season of Last Comic Standing.

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Apparently, NBC is revamping the show and focusing on the real competition. The house is out, the challenges are too. But Craig Robinson is in, and taking on the job of host for the series.

The actor talked to iF Magazine about his stint on Last Comic Standing, divulging some details on what he's planning as host. He's taking the reins from Bill Belamy and Fearne Cotton. Sounds like a lot to live up to.

But Craig Robinson isn't worried that much. He's already making rounds of the country to see who's ready to attempt being the Last Comic Standing. He's also not letting his excitement show too much.

"I do not know what I'm doing here - I don't know why they wanted to get this show re-canceled," Robinson said, deadpan. "I just come out and do Craig. There's no pre-thought going into it. It's going out and having fun."

Last Comic Standing Executive Producer Jayson Dinsmore was right in adding that Craig's touch to the show is unique from previous hosts. From seeing this comedian on The Office, you can already tell how he'll handle the search for the country's best comics.

"The energy [from Craig] is very different from a traditional host. He brings a smarter sensibility to it like [he does] on The Office and in Hot Tub Time Machine," Dinsmore exclaimed.

If you're still not convinced, check out this video of Craig Robinson below.

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With all the changes that Last Comic Standing will be having this year, you can't miss it. Don't forget to catch the new season as it airs on June 7 on NBC.

Source: iF Magazine
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