This Week on 'The X Factor': Michael Jackson Songs, Another Double Elimination
This Week on 'The X Factor': Michael Jackson Songs, Another Double Elimination
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Here are all your latest updates from the chaotic circus that is The X Factor USA:

This Week:
The Top 7 Sing from Michael Jackson's Catalog
Wait, didn't Melanie Amaro already sing "Man in the Mirror"? And what about when the Stereo Hogzz sung "You Are Not Alone"? Shhhhh. Quiet, you. There's enough Michael to go around. (Again.) Drew hinted at her song on Twitter, saying "It's not upbeat, but it's also not slow. Has a bit of attitude." Any guesses for who's singing what on Wednesday?

Another Double Elimination!
Just when our wounds over LeRoy Bell and Lakoda Rayne were beginning to heal, this week it's another double elimination on The X Factor. SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN! That's a lot of cuts in two weeks. Who do you think/hope will get the aXe?

And, as Our Numbers Diminish, So Does Our Time Commitment...
Translation: This week, the Wednesday LIVE performance show airs from 8 to 9:30pm instead of 10pm. How many of those 90 minutes will be made up by Nicole Scherzinger crying? WHO COULD SAY? (Probably about 35.)

Just for fun, here are some more X Factor news bits from the week...

Let's Name Rachel Crow's Future Disney Show
Rachel Crow has a pretty solid backup plan if she doesn't win The X Factor. So, for fun, let's pretend this rumor is an inevitable reality: What should Rachel Crow's Disney Channel show be about? And what should it be CALLED? My idea: Rachel Crow stars as Miley Cyrus's younger, more talented, more likable cousin in this Hannah Montana spinoff, Alexis Texas Claire Delaware Mona Arizona.

The babyfaced Canadian superstar is going X Factor international, having sung on X Factor Germany last week, singing on The X Factor UK this week, and rumor has it that he may perform on The X Factor USA finale. Now that it's almost December, I can ask: Has his Christmas album changed your life yet?

Lakoda Rayne Don't Like Being Reminded That They Lost
When host Steve Jones said, "The dream is over," to Lakoda Rayne, he forgot to specify which of their dreams he was talking about, and the girls are STILL mad about it. Paige even called Steve's comment "offensive." Relax, ladies! Steve was just telling the truth: Your dream of winning The X Factor was, in fact, over. But your dream of becoming the new musical spokesmodels for is just beginninggggg!

A Final Question for the Road: Paula Abdul has lost all of her groups, and with them, most of her hope for remaining coherent through the rest of the season. What should she do now?

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