Weekend Box Office: 'Lakeview Terrace' Takes the Top Spot
Film Weekend Change from
Last Weekend
1. Lakeview Terrace $15.6 million N/A $15.6 million
2. Burn After Reading $11.29 million -41.0% $36.4 million
3. My Best Friend's Girl $8.3 million N/A $8.3 million
4. Igor $8.01 million N/A $8.01 million
5. Righteous Kill $7.7 million -52.7% $28.81 million
6. Tyler Perry's The Family
    That Preys
$7.5 million -56.8% $28.35 million
7. The Women $5.3 million -47.5% $19.2 million
8. Ghost Town $5.17 million N/A $5.17 million
9. The Dark Knight $2.95 million -28.5% $521.92 million
10. The House Bunny $2.8 million -32.6% $45.72 million

The bad news is that the opening of Ghost Town proves that the brilliant Ricky Gervais is not yet a bankable movie star.  The good news is that Dane Cook isn't one either.  Read on for the analysis of this weekend's numbers.

I know jumping on the Dane Cook hate train is certainly nothing new, but after a string of box office flops I have no idea why he keeps getting cast in movies.  Let us not forget the underperforming likes of Employee of the Month and Good Luck Chuck.  Now comes My Best Friend's Girl, which not only opened poorly, but personally insulted me by being pimped heavily during the premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Let us hope this is the end of Cook's movie star dreams.

In other completely unsurprising news, America was ready to watch Samuel L. Jackson lay vengeance upon Patrick Wilson in Lakeview Terrace.  The film may be a completely generic throwaway thriller that seems ready made for basic cable, but that kind of thing is perfect for early September.  People have to see something, after all.  Director Neil LaBute, who last helmed the abominable remake of The Wicker Man, suddenly looks more bankable.

Igor and Ghost Town are considered bombs, but I don't think anyone expected otherwise.  The good news is that Burn After Reading held strong in its second week, proving that the Coen Bros. have a bona fide hit on their hands.  Strange, but true!  Another strange thing is that the latest Tyler Perry opus isn't pulling in as big an audience as his previous films.  Maybe the world doesn't need two movies from him in the same year.

The House Bunny and The Dark Knight are both wrapping up their runs, and must be making their studios very happy with the profits they've raked in.  Further down the list at number 17, Journey to the Center of the Earth is less than $1 million away from hitting $100 million.  If you had told me back in May that Brendan Fraser would have two $100 million films this summer, I would have thrown my back out from laughing too hard.  I guess the guy is still somewhat relevant.

Next week brings the Shia LaBeouf thriller Eagle Eye, the new Spike Lee snoozer Miracle at St. Anna, and the latest romantic weepy for old people, Nights in Rodanthe.  Look for Shia to rule the weekend.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Box Office Mojo