'Laguna Beach' Alum Graces Teen Prom Cover
'Laguna Beach' Alum Graces Teen Prom Cover
Fans of Kristin Cavallari will want to grab the prom issue of the Teen magazine, as the Laguna Beach alum and aspiring actress is featured on the cover.  Also in the special issue is a six-page spread dedicated to the reality star as she takes on different prom night styles and reminisces about her own prom experience, which was recorded as part of the MTV show.

"It's really cool to have my prom on tape, especially edited by MTV in such a cool way with the best music.  That's priceless," Cavallari, who attended five different proms, told the magazine.  "Prom was the one night where I didn't feel like I had to act a certain way. I thought, 'This is my prom.  I don't want to hold back.'  I just wanted to enjoy it and have fun."

Out of the several boys she took to the prom, Kristin Cavallari named ex-beau and former Laguna Beach costar Stephen Colletti as her favorite.

While it has been some time since Cavallari went through the monumental high school event, she recently celebrated another important life milestone.  Over the weekend, she and her friends hit Luxor's LAX nightclub in honor of her 21st birthday.

"My first official drink was Grey Goose and soda," Kristin Cavallari told People magazine.  "It's really exciting. I can go to the clubs and not worry about anything.”

Present at the party was Alex Murrel, another Laguna Beach alum.

Cavallari and her gang also had dinner at Company: American Bistro, where she was presented with a sparkling birthday cake, after which they headed straight to Pure Nightclub to continue the celebration.

When asked about her reported inclusion in MTV's The Hills, she responded vaguely, only saying that “it's a great show.”  The Hills, which is the spin-off of Laguna Beach, stars Cavallari's former rival, Lauren Conrad.

As for her love life, Cavallari also remained tightlipped, only commenting that she is dating “and having fun.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Teen Prom, People
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