'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: Why Did Kristin Head for the Hills?
'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: Why Did Kristin Head for the Hills?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In a surprise elimination during week 3 of competition, Dancing with the Stars season 13 contestant Kristin Cavallari was sent home. Despite high scores and plenty of praise from the judges, viewers were apparently done with the reality star. Why is that?

Kristin Cavallari is hardly the first Dancing with the Stars celebrity sent home "before her time" (Brandy anyone?), but she is the first in season 13. Thus, it behooves us to try to figure out what it made the DWTS voters say no to Kristin.

How much was Kristin a surprise elimination? Let's look at her three weeks of stats: Kristin started off her Dancing with the Stars time in fifth place, with 19 points in the first week. She improved for week 2, scoring 22 points (good enough to tie for second place). In week 3, Kristin and partner Mark Ballas improved again, to 24 points, and found themselves in a four-way tie for fourth place.

With 10 dancers still in the DWTS competition, Kristin shouldn't have gone. So why did she?

Her Past Got Her
If previous seasons of Dancing with the Stars are any indication, viewers aren't as in love with reality stars as many might think. And fading reality stars like Kristin Cavallari are even lower on the list. After all, she's known almost exclusively for her part in Laguna Beach and The Hills. Both shows are very, very over.

Even if they weren't, Kristin always played the "bad girl" in those series. That may not be her reality, but it's what viewers saw. And TV audiences rarely want the "bitch" character to succeed.

The Dancing
Maybe Kristin Cavallari wasn't that great a dancer?

Sure, her scores were respectable, but she never gave us a shining moment. That might have come in more time, of course. Still, there wasn't much evidence of it. No matter how thrilled the judges were with Kristin's footwork and strong movements, the musicality was lacking. We never believed any of Kristin Cavallari's dances.

Plus, she had Mark Ballas as a partner. He's a great dancer -- sometimes too great, outshining his less-skilled partners. With Mark's flips and flourishes, viewers didn't get to see enough of Kristin.

Someone Had to Take Chaz's Place
As it so often does, the popularity beast seems to have reared its ugly head in DWTS competition. Almost every season has a "cause" celebrity, and this season it's Chaz Bono. Whether you think that's good or bad, you have to admit that there are voters supporting Chaz solely because he's Chaz.

Any other dancer, after two weeks with the lowest score, would be sent packing. But, like season 11's Bristol Palin before him, voters have non-dancing reasons to keep Chaz Bono around. They're doing a good job.

With Chaz out of the running for elimination, who could take his place? Nancy Grace seemed to be a possibility, but she pulled through. Last week, Carson Kressley would have been the likely choice, but excellent work this week saved him. Even week 2's second lowest-ranking dancer, David Arquette, pulled off a comeback to tie Kristin (and Rob and Hope).

There were no obvious choices. Kristin may have just had the bad luck to be the non-obvious choice of week 3.

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Should Kristin have been eliminated? Who was your elimination pick in week 3? Can Chaz ever be eliminated? Tell us your thoughts and opinions below!

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