Salvaging Sabatiello's on 'Kitchen Nightmares'
Salvaging Sabatiello's on 'Kitchen Nightmares'
Gordon Ramsay does his best in Connecticut, trying to save Sabatiello's, an Italian restaurant that's in way over its head.  On the latest Kitchen Nightmares, it's going to be difficult to see who's the nastiest: Ramsay or the eatery owner.

Sabatiello's has been in business for about three years, and is found in the heart of Stamford.  Owned by the infamous Sammy, the restaurant is on the brink of bankruptcy and is stuck in over a million dollars of debt.  One of the problems that Sammy claims to encounter is his staff and his customers.  However, his crew has some complaints regarding him as well. 

As the latest installment of Kitchen Nightmares began, the renowned Gordon Ramsay reads a review of Sabatiello's.  The newspaper he's holding claims that the eatery has “[t]wo star food at four star prices.”  What's more, meeting Sammy isn't a treat too.  Some of his waiters have called him “nasty,” due to his quick temper and big mouth.  Though they've told him that he has a problem, he just won't accept it.  It's not just his staff that's protesting, but the customers as well.  Sammy doesn't hesitate to tell everyone what's on his mind, which often causes the most trouble.

Lauren, Sabatiello's hostess and Sammy's long-time girlfriend, reveals that their business wasn't as hopeless when they started out.  Things went downhill as Sammy began to treat his guests badly, even rejecting complaints about the food he swears is palatable.  However, Ramsay isn't too keen on the man's tastes in cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay is getting his own Kitchen Nightmares with the courses Sabatiello's has laid out.  The first is the soup, which he identifies as bland and old.  Following this is the lasagna, which doesn't fare any better.  “There seems to be something synthetic and plastic inside,” Ramsay says.  Worse off is the steak, which he calls greasy, tough and under-seasoned.

His visit to Sabatiello's kitchen is also a regrettable trip.  Though the room is clean, food storage isn't the least bit praiseworthy.  Sammy insists that he's doing the right thing, and he further rebuffs Ramsay's criticisms about his work.  During dinner service, things get worse as Sammy continues to blame his head chef and other staff members.

After a grueling night, Ramsay finds the time for a heart-to-heart conversation with Sammy.  A plan of action is laid out, and it's as if an entirely new restaurant has arisen.  The menu is redone, and Sabatiello's has become an Italian steakhouse.  Sammy finally accepts the changes that Ramsay has picked out, and goes as far as saying that Ramsay is a godsend. 

In the end, Gordon Ramsay manages to salvage what was left of Sabatiello's.  Things go great during re-launch night and people commended the food.  With Sammy pitching in and donning an apron to help out, the entire restaurant is revolutionized.  There is no yelling, a lot less confusion and continued success for Sabatiello's.  Kitchen Nightmares has done it again, getting prime cuts in that Italian steakhouse.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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