'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kim Says, Hell No, She Won't Go to Anguilla
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kim Says, Hell No, She Won't Go to Anguilla
Dani  Stone
Dani Stone
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In this week's episode, Kenya flirts with danger, Porsha uses root vegetables to plan her future, Kandi shows Phaedra how to keep more than her booty "right and tight" and Kim storms out of a luncheon before the first crab cake is served.

What are the ladies up to this week? Let me recap it for you.

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On The Ninth Day, God Created Birth Control?

During a luncheon with her daughters, minus pseudo-daughter Sweetie, who's probably taking a well-deserved vacation after the eviction debacle, Kim asks her daughters if they're happy to be back in the townhome. They agree they are, but admit the house is bursting at the seams. Kim promises after the new baby is born, she's not having any more. Her oldest daughter shares a well-intentioned but perhaps misguided piece of advice: "There's this wonderful thing God created; it's called birth control."

Kenya -- Making Moves On and Off the Track

Phaedra and Kenya decide to double date at a local go-kart track. After pleasantries are exchanged, Kenya turns her attention from Walter (the man she wants to marry and may possibly chain to a pole in her basement someday) to Apollo. She comments on Apollo's "Tyson Beckford sunglasses" and "bulging muscles." Phaedra gives her eyes of irritation. 

The conversation turns to Phaedra and Apollo's workout video. I'm really hoping they name it "Donkey Booty For Dummies" because it cracks me up. Kenya assures the couple that her production company is more than ready to work on the project. Then with no segue, it's time to race, so they get in the go-karts. Kenya has decided to wear a red off-the-shoulder dress for this sporty outing. As she takes off with a burst of speed and maniacal laugh, she screams, "I must win." 

Planning Anguilla

NeNe and Gregg join Cynthia and Peter for a little wine time. When Peter asks how they're doing, NeNe replies, "Once we got divorced, there was nothing for us to fight over." Cynthia brings up the topic of another girl's trip and suggests Anguilla, but says this time she wants the men to be part of the fun. Twice the people, twice the drama. NeNe says it sounds like fun, until Cynthia tells her that Kim has been invited. 

Procreation and Yams

Porsha and Kordell visit the OB/GYN for a follow-up. Six months previously, Porsha suffered a miscarriage due to uterine fibroids. After a surgery to remove them, the doctor tells her to wait another month and then they can start trying for a family again. This is good news for Porsha, who already knows she wants four children, including a set of twins. She's even done research on how to achieve twins. It seems the wild and wacky interwebs told her she should eat yams. Lots of them. When she asks the doctor about this myth, the OB/GYN offers some sage advice: "Why don't we get through one baby first." Which is way better advice than Kim's daughter gave her. Kids, stay in school.

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Time Flies When You're Wealthy and Researching Yams

Porsha invites NeNe and Cynthia over to discuss having them do public service announcements for her grandfather's charity, Hosea Feed The Hungry. Porsha says she wants to "use sisterhood to raise more money." Cynthia and NeNe, who both have charities of their own, are completely on board with this idea. NeNe even tells Porsha, "I'm a good judge of character. If I don't like you, you will know." Then Porsha, bless her, goes one step further and explains to the women her charity doesn't want to help the hungry on certain days of the year; she wants to help "265 days of the year." Neither woman corrects Porsha on her missing 100 days from the calendar, but the smirk on NeNe's face says she'll definitely remember it. 

Do You Keep Loose Change In There, Too?

While visiting a chic boutique, Kandi tells Phaedra, "I brought you a little gift," then raises her eyebrows. Phaedra excitedly asks, "Is it the penis ring?" Kandi says no, she'll bring those next time. Instead, she brought her "kegel balls." She announces this loud enough for the clerk to hear. The clerk is unfazed. Perhaps it's quite common for wealthy women to discuss sex toys while shopping for expensive picture frames. Kandi explains the idea behind the kegel balls are to "keep it right and tight." How easy are they to use? Well, Kandi declares she's wearing hers "right now." Again, not even an eyebrow-raise from the clerk. I bet that woman has some great stories she could share.

Phaedra Fesses Up, Kim Walks Out

The ladies decide to meet and discuss their plans for Anguilla. Cynthia and Phaedra arrive first. Tension is still high from Butt-Dial-Gate 2012 when Phaedra allegedly tells someone, "I don't give a f*** if she comes or not," referring to Cynthia not coming to Ayden's second birthday party. When confronted, she initially denies dropping the very unladylike f-bomb, but decides to fess up and apologize. And what better way to say "I'm sorry I talked about you behind your back" than to have a three-foot tall Calla Lily arrangement delivered to the restaurant? 

Kim and Kenya arrive at the luncheon, much to the dismay of NeNe and Cynthia, respectfully. When the women discuss dates for Anguilla, Kim immediately provides excuses for why she can't come on the trip. Then she slips up and tells the women she already planned a trip with Kroy around the same time. Well, honey, you can just imagine the wigs and weaves this news ruffles. The women all chirp at the same time about how they've turned down jobs or rearranged their schedules to accommodate the dates she originally gave them. 

Then Phaedra asks the ultimate question: "Are you committed to this friendship or not? It seems like you don't have time for your girlfriends anymore." To which Kim replies, without much hesitation, "I don't." 

As the women continue to berate her for not showing up or leaving early to functions, Kim decides she's had enough. Before the appetizers are even on the table (which you know she was upset about later because Kim does enjoy a good nosh when she's pregnant), she storms out. 

Things must get even uglier on next week's episode because a preview shows Kim confronting the camera crew. Even mild-mannered Kroy has a flash of temper. Let's meet back here next week and discuss.

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