'The Biggest Loser' Recap: White House Workout
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: White House Workout
When we last left our Losers, they had just caught their first glimpse of First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House. The preview for tonight's episode shows that they're going to join her in a workout inside of our nation's capital, but eventually the game will be back at the forefront and one of the final six will be going home.

Tonight's Product Placement: Obama 2012

Michelle Obama takes a few seconds to speak with each contestant and even claims that she watches every Tuesday night while working out. It's not that I don't believe this, it's just that it would have been a lot more convincing if she didn't need Dolvett by her side introducing her to everyone. After everyone's glad-handing session, Mrs. Obama gets down to brass tax: her fitness initiative. It gets the Biggest Loser endorsement full court press that Subway and Multi-Grain Cheerios have before it, where the contestants take some time to express how much they support the endeavor. This one feels a bit more unsettling though simply because it feels like a political advertisement. Keep Losers and politics separate, people!

Chris Spirals into an Abyss of Mayonnaise

Roy begs (possibly demands) that his wife Chris come home to take care of him. It proves to be too much for her to take and she takes full advantage of their Washington hotel's room service accommodations. Unofficially, there looks to be a cheeseburger coated in mayonnaise, a grilled cheese sandwich smothered in mayonnaise and, for some ungodly reason, peanut butter. She tops off her bender with a king-sized candy bar, before passing out into a full Hasselhoffian state of caloric delirium. The next day, Bob instantly recognizes that Chris' spirit has been broken and confronts her. In so doing, it seems that he touches on some underlying issues in their marriage. At times it even sounds like he's arguing for the dissolution of their marriage, but that could have just been some fancy editing. She invariably decides to stay.

A Weigh-In Weeks in the Making

Raise your hand if you remembered Conda had a pound disadvantage this week before Allison says it, because I sure hadn't. That could prove to be the difference in a week that has had so much going on, and so little time to work out. Buddy has a pound advantage and is first on the scale sporting a whopping nine pounds lost. Jeremy beats that by losing 11 of his own, but Kim is unable to experience the same kind of success. She only loses two pounds and will be joined by Chris below the yellow line up for elimination.

Kim enters the elimination very afraid that she will be seen as the biggest threat in the game and Chris staying makes a lot more sense strategically. However, in the end they vote off Chris and allow her to get back to her family. Now we know that next week is the chance for us to finally see what caused the hubbub that led to contestants walking off in protest. I can't wait.

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