'Killer Women' Review: Saddle Up in This Predictable, Sofia Vergara-Produced Procedural
'Killer Women' Review: Saddle Up in This Predictable, Sofia Vergara-Produced Procedural
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If Killer Women didn't take place in the backdrop of the cowboy boots/hat wearing farmland of Texas, it wouldn't be as enjoyable. The set is about the only fun thing about this ABC drama.

The rest is a little too predictable. Still, the Sofia Vergara-produced show might end up being a pleasant surprise because of Molly Parker (played by Tricia Helfer), the female Texas Ranger who has an instinct about the cases she works on. I'm not even sure why the show is called Killer Women because she's the only female Ranger, unless the title also refers to the killer in the pilot who happens to be a female. But all the suspects moving forward can't be the killer, right? That's just not right.

Molly is comfortable being who she needs to be given the situation. She's content in her cowboy hat and shoes, but looks just as relaxed in a cocktail dress and with her hair up. She has a life outside of work (which is nice), and that's playing the trumpet (huh?). She also has a lot to deal with personally, as she wants her husband, a senator (Jeffrey Nordling as Jake), to sign her divorce papers while she shacks up with a DEA agent (Marc Blucas as Dan) on the side.

Personality-wise, she's obviously tough, but then we see her with her family (Michael Trucco as brother Billy and Marta Milans as wife Nessa) to show that she's loving. We also learn about a personal secret, effectively showing us her vulnerable side.

Although the first episode solves the case by the end, it moves a little too fast for it to be believable. The pilot deals with a Mexican cartel, and somehow the case is wrapped up with no loose ends. Might as well add a bow on top. Perhaps they will revisit it sometime -- after all, I'd imagine the cartel is a big presence in the area. But I won't be holding my breath.

Killer Women also doesn't lack in production value. There's a high-speed car chase, intense shootouts and explosions, making it feel a little like an action movie. It caters to those who love the big, loud bangs, but because the lead character is a woman, it also tries to balance that out with the "womanly" side. The trick will be to believably balance the two.

Killer Women won't surprise you with its storytelling, but it's still an hour of decent fun.

Killer Women airs Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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