Kid Nation: Episode 11 "I Just Like the Recess Part" Recap
Kid Nation: Episode 11 "I Just Like the Recess Part" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Previously on Kid Nation: Greg, Blaine, DK and Michael were elected as the new Town Council, and the town resented Greg's bullying. Former Town Council member Laurel won the Gold Star for no discernible reason other than she used to be on the Town Council.

On day 31, Taylor is hanging out with the chickens, and she says that she hates ugly chickens and wish they would all die.  Then she informs us that she once put make-up on her dog, but it didn't make it any prettier.  Sophia and Greg are planning their dinner menu, and it includes 10 fresh chickens.  Greg wants to kill the pretty chickens, which makes Taylor go off.  She's angry that they're bossy and acting like the President of the world.  I thought she liked bossy presidents.

Sophia, who has a great career in politics if she so chooses, compromises to let Taylor pick the 10 chickens that will be eaten.  It's a bad day to be an ugly chicken.  Taylor then creepily tells the pretty brown hen that she's going to eat her brothers and sisters, because ugly chickens deserve to die.

Alex, Anjay and Jared are playing the nerdiest game ever.  Alex asks for the numbers of pi, and Anjay totally inverts the 92 after the 3.1415, which Alex immediately corrects.   The Town Council is reading the Magic Journal, which asks if they want to start up a Bonanza City school.  The newly pragmatic council recognizes that the Magic Journal typically has something to do with the Showdown challenge, so they all agree to take their text books and provide some edumacation.  The kids are going to study the history of Bonanza City, and Taylor wants none of it.

Of course, the biggest nerds in town are tasked with being teachers.  Alex and Nathan represent for blue and red.  The green team does some play acting, thanks to Sophia's brilliance.  Yellow doesn't really care, and Leila and Taylor go off to chill in the chicken coop.  The Town Council realize their threat to withhold the reward was useless last time, so they really are going to do it this time.  Leila agrees to study, but Taylor is steadfast.  She says she'll do what she wants, and I finally realize that Taylor is just a female beauty queen version of Eric Cartman.

Kid Nation Showdown Time!  They get a pioneer history pop quiz.  When they're asks a question, balloons with answers come up, and they must use slingshots to pop the balloons with the wrong answers.  First one to three correct answers wins.  Each team has a box of ammo, and at the end, all the leftovers will be poured into a container, and if they fill it up, they win the reward.

Question one is about what Indian tribe originally inhabited their land.  Zach thinks it's Pinto, which is so wrong because that's not even a tribe.  Green gets the first one right, thanks to Hunter's shooting skill.  Blue scores the second point thanks to Migle.  On question three, blue and green finish almost simultaneously, but blue is slightly ahead and gets it right.  Yellow wins the fourth question, and green gets the fifth one thanks again to Hunter.  Green wins the next question to score Upper Class.  I'm so sick and tired of green and their self righteous attitude.  Red scores the next one quickly, then blue wins to come in second.  Red and yellow both score a second point.  Yellow gets the final question, so red comes in fourth.

They gather all the ammo, and green and blue districts fill it almost all the way.  Yellow doesn't quite have enough, and after a fake out, DK overfills it to win the reward.  Choice one: a full library of literature, both educational and for entertainment.  Choice two: a bunch of arcade games like pool, air hockey and Dance, Dance Revolution, all for free.  Michael is a nerd who wants the books, but everyone else says they have some books in the market (plus all those religious texts), so they go for the arcade.  Finally, an impractical decision!  Taylor is devastated, because she knows she won't get to play any of the games in the arcade.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: The new McSkillet Burrito from McDonalds looks like the most delicious foodstuff since the KFC Famous Bowl.  And that's a compliment.

The green district goes straight for the arcade, though I'm surprised they're able to play any games since they're so busy patting themselves on the back.  But Sophia doesn't, because she's a 30-year-old trapped in a kid's body, so she decides to build her own library.  She uses her money to buy all the books left in the store and sets up a tepee for kids to read them in for free.

The red team just wants to play, but DK tells them to work hard.  Jared and Mike o off the reservation and head into the arcade even though they have work to do.  Meanwhile, Hunter is working hard, desperate to earn that Gold Star.

Taylor doesn't need an arcade, because she's happy to play with her pretty chickens.  Zach thinks he's better than the new Town Council, so he goes to talk to Taylor.  He listens to her and respects her and asks her to do dishes, and for some unknown reason, she does.  Dangit Taylor, I had more respect for you when you stuck to your guns.  She rolls up her sleeves and scrubs the heck out of all those dirty dishes.  Zach looks on, pleased with his work.  Hunter comes over to help out, and when the dishes are done, Greg comes over and picks up Taylor to bring her into the arcade, where she is happy.

When Sophia wakes up the next day, she sees the town is deserted.  The yellow team is in the arcade, so Sophia has to cook breakfast for everyone.  She storms into the arcade to read Blaine the riot act, and he can't leave because he has money on his game of pool.  DK is realizing the arcade may not have been such a great idea.

Kid Nation Town Hall Meeting!  Sophia and DK are frustrated with the arcade.  The Town Council decides to padlock it until the work is all done.  Then they assign Sophia with the task of enforcing the law.  Sheriff Sophia!  I love it.  The Gold Star goes to...Hunter.  Ugh, now six of the nine green district members have Gold Stars.  He gives a sob story about how his dad lost his job, so it will help a lot.  Sure, he worked hard, but I maintain that Sophia deserves a second Gold Star more than anyone else deserves even a first.  Hunter calls up his pops, who's very proud of his son.

In the final moments, Jared sneaks into the arcade before it gets padlocked and does some sweet DDR dance moves. 

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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