'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Gay Pride and a Diva Mixer
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Gay Pride and a Diva Mixer
Dani  Stone
Dani Stone
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In "Excess Breeds Success," NeNe continues to practice her zen-like attitude toward the other housewives while struggling to make her big Hollywood move. And new housewife Kenya proves she's gonna be a handful this season.

You Betta Work

Episode 2 begins with NeNe visiting LA and participating in a gay pride parade in conjunction with her new television series, The New Normal. NeNe declares, "I love the gays. They invented everything: nail polish, weaves, earrings and how to walk." From the moment she steps into her convertible, fans of every age are screaming her name. In a rare emotional moment, NeNe dabs tears from her eyes and declares, "I've made it. I can't believe these people know who the hell I am."  

No Paparazzi, Please

Besties Kandi and Phaedra invite new housewife Kenya to lunch. It doesn't take long for the conversation to turn to her fight with Cynthia at the Jet magazine contest. Once again, she uses her famous "Coochie crack" line, which sends the girls into a fit of giggles. Also making Kandi and Phaedra giggle? The fact that Kenya has a private security detail. 

Sleepy Housewife is Sleepy

In the squatter's mansion, we get a brief 30-second glimpse of sweet baby KJ before he makes a tiny irritable peep and is promptly handed over to the nanny, who always wears a white button-down shirt and flits in and out of the camera's view so fast you'd think she was created by Disney-Pixar. Kim and Sweetie retire to Kim's office to devise a plan of attack for their eventual eviction. Kim straightens her wig (so you know she means business) and won't let Sweetie get a word in edgewise.

When Sweetie finally does get to offer what I think is a reasonable suggestion -- that they all just move back to Kim's townhouse until the whole mess is straightened out -- Kim makes her famous "pouty face" before declaring she simply cannot live in a house that has less than 70,000 square feet. Then she leaves the conversation to take a nap. I see a pattern forming here. 

And One ... And Two ... And Gossip

Phaedra, Cynthia and NeNe meet at the gym with personal trainer Dexter. They may be doing squats, lunges and other exercises, but their tongue muscles get the biggest workout. The Jet magazine contest comes up again and Cynthia prods Phaedra for her lunch details with Kenya, to which Phaedra replies, "Well, I'm not much for gossip." Not one to hide her facial expressions -- ever -- NeNe looks straight into the camera and gives what I have dubbed "crazy eyes." Cynthia announces she wants to celebrate NeNe's success by throwing a Mixer party for Atlanta's strong, diverse and successful women. NeNe even agrees to the idea of inviting Kim. Cynthia is not so gracious about the mention of Kenya's invitation.  

Kim's Sweet Effing Surprise

Kroy takes the ever-elegant Kim on a docked boat for her birthday. He's wearing a white suit and looking very dapper, though Kim chooses "You look like a f***ing Ken doll" to compliment him. On the boat, Kroy has supplied his queen with a feast of all her favorites, including hot wings and an assortment of pastries that causes her to let out an excited string of f-bombs. I get it. A good croissant makes me cuss like a sailor, too. Kroy presents her with her birthday gift, the large diamond-encrusted bracelet she borrowed for their wedding. Kim is so weepy and touched by his gesture, she is unable to utter a single swear word. 

Is Walter Sloppy Seconds?

In this episode, we finally get to meet the elusive Walter, the man Kenya moved to Atlanta to be near. She's kept him so hidden, even her family and Aunt Lori, the woman who raised her, have yet to meet him. During lunch, Kenya mentions in no uncertain terms that her biological clock is ticking and she wants to get to the business of making babies, then waits for a reaction. Walter chugs his water nervously, then orders a shot for both of them and chugs that down as well. 

Without much of a segue, the conversation turns to other women, and we learn that Walter not only knows Kandi but asked her out once as well. She declined. It's hard to tell which part of this story angers Kenya more, the fact that Walter asked out someone she knows or that he was shot down. Either way, she replies in a calm and adult-like fashion, "She got a big ass, and I know you like that." 

Diva Mixer

At the Mixer of Powerful Women, or something like that, they have a great turnout. All the women show up wearing gorgeous long-flowing dresses, and Phaedra comments how lovely it is to see "some of the pedestrian people" join the party. We're not sure what this means, but we're used to hearing Phaedra speak as if she is royalty, so no one is fazed.

Kim makes it to the party but becomes immediately annoyed with the whole thing, particularly the fact that NeNe is two hours late. As she tries to sneak out, she runs in to NeNe outside the elevator and the two are forced to have a conversation. It's awkward at best, with NeNe asking Kim to stay a little longer and Kim promising that after she "makes a tee-tee," she will return to the powerful mixer activities. Instead, she leaves. Presumably to go home and take a nap. 

Back at the pool, NeNe is disappointed to learn Kim left, but she's not surprised. Cynthia produces a microphone and makes a toast to NeNe, wishing her much success and thanking all the women for attending. Not to be outdone, even at a party she was reluctantly invited to because of her previous behavior, Kenya announces, "That's enough of the clown show," and takes her turn at the mike, where she says nearly the same thing Cynthia just did. During a conversation between Kenya and NeNe, Cynthia interrupts and the two begin a verbal sparring match, causing the powerful mixer of strong women to resemble, well, a clown show. 

Next week: Heeeeeere's Porsha

On next week's episode, we get to meet housewife Porsha. The preview shows Porsha and Kenya arguing outside a fundraising event. What could these two beauties possibly be fighting about already? Is this more coochie crack kerfuffle? Let's meet back here next Sunday at 9pm and find out.

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