'Love in the Wild' Finale Recap: One Couple Finds Love, Victory
'Love in the Wild' Finale Recap: One Couple Finds Love, Victory
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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This is it! The finale of Love in the Wild season two is now underway. Who will hop a plane for a romantic trip around the world? Will it be the staple couple Ken and Yanina who hit it off right from the get go? Or will Ben and Michelle, two unsuspecting lovers, grab hold of the title?

On tonight's finale episode, the two remaining couples will endure their last adventure. There will be moments of frustration as they scurry through open fields, pedal along dirt roads on a bicycle made for two, row up stream in kayaks and finally race to the finish line.

After the Couples' Choice Ceremony

Both couples head back to the cabins to reflect. "I'm proud that we selected Ben and Michelle," comments Ken. Yeah, because he and Yanina figure that these two will make it easier to take a win from. They all act very chum chum with one another, but this is a competition.

"Ben and I have a crazy physical attraction to one another," says Michelle, "but it's so much more than that." They really are cute, getting all snug in their cabin bed and stealing kisses. Aww!

As for the couple who experienced love at first sight, Ken and Yanina enjoy breakfast the next morning. "I couldn't have asked for anything different," cries Yanina.

Adventure Time!

Jenny McCarthy stands ready to welcome the two couples to their final adventure.

It's an overnight trip in which they will search for two matching idols. The winners will travel to cities all over the world, including Buenos Aires, London and New York City. As for this adventure, each couple must voice which of them is best at giving directions and which is best at taking directions.

Giving Directions
The fellas

Taking Directions
The ladies

This looks like the beginnings of a 1950s tutorial. The boys are told to get in the back of a pickup truck. Jenny tells the girls to stay put and hops into the passenger's seat. The truck takes them all to a sight where they find a small shack.

It Begins

The guys must use a radio to communicate with their partners. They have to find three objects, a wheel, a set of petals and seats, then make their way to where they stand.

While Ken and Yanina are on the perfectly written page, finding item after item and moving right along, Ben is having a hard time giving those directions. Michelle feels as though it's her fault that she cannot locate anything. Sure, she finds the seats, but she just happened to stumble up on those. The couple is frustrated. "I don't think I was helping Michelle that well," Ben laughs.

Yanina has retreived all the items and now meets up with Ken at the sight. They must now open up a crate and assemble a two-person bicycle. They'll ride down a dirt road from here, drop off the bike and pick up a block of limestone.

Michelle finally retreives all the items, while cursing all the way, and makes her way down the road. She passes up the first place couple on the way to Ben. They assemble their bike and hop on the road, closing in on Ken and Yanina who have stopped with a broken pedal.

Ken and Yanina still reach the bike drop-off first. They pick up their limestone and follow the instructions. They have to follow the path to posts where they must set the rocks down one each post and look through the aligned holes to determine where their camping supplies is hidden. Ben and Michelle are right behind them.

Ken and Yanina find theirs first. They pick up the necessary items and drop those things that they don't feel they truly need, like wine. Ben and Michelle, on the other hand, take what they need PLUS the wine! I like them.

The Lost World

Ken and Yanina reach The Lost World first, so they pitch a tent and begin to cook. The teams will leave out tomorrow morning in intervals of which they arrived. Ben and Michelle could not have arrived much later.

"This is kinda like the lean-to, but way worse," Michelle describes The Lost World. It's basically the lean-to with little statues all around.

The Adventure Continued

The couples wake up the next morning. Michelle is itchy and upset about Ken and Yanina's 5 minute lead today. She still has time to taste Ben's chocolate oatmeal invention, consisting of M&Ms. "It tastes like caulk!" exclaims Michelle.

Ken and Yanina make their way out to a cryptic tablet that will help them decode a message on their map. From here, they will make their way to the Heron Sea Cave to retrieve an idol.

Ken and Yanina make it to the water first. They have to tie two kayaks together. Here, Yanina gets frustrated for the first time during this adventure when her partner fails to listen to her. He takes time untying her knots in order to make his own. I guess it's his way or no way.

"Yanina, I'm sorry. I should probably listen more often," Ken apologizes. Sorry, I guess I jumped the gun on that last statement. Anyway, they're still in first place, grabbing their idol from the cave. Ben and Michelle put those kayaks together super quickly, though.

It's not a water race to the crates, floating in the middle of the ocean. "Ken and I suck at paddling," whines Yanina. They make it to the crates first, but Ben and Michelle are very close.

Ben makes a very, very, VERY dumb move. HE JUMPS OUT without securing the kayak to the crates, so Yanina starts floating away. Because of this, Ben and Michelle take the lead; they're now rowing towards the beach. "I've blown everything that I've worked for with Yanina," explains Ken. Yeah, you have.

Both teams scurry to open up their crates while on the beach, ripping the partnering idol from the crate and taking off down the beach. Jenny waits at the finish line, looking beyond the trees to see who will be running down the beach towards her first.

Season 2 Winner: Ken and Yanina

"Did you find love in the wild?" asks Jenny. What do you think? "Absolutely!" answers Ken before Yanina jumps on him.

Ben and Michelle walk up downtrodden, but still very happy to have found one another. "It would have been awesome to win, but we did," says Michelle. "We found each other."

Well, there you have it! Thank you for joining me this second season of Love in the Wild. Take care!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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