'Project Runway' Recap: Make It Work(out)
'Project Runway' Recap: Make It Work(out)
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to create little black dresses... oh wait, no. Three little black dresses were in the top looks, but the actual challenge was to design a look around shoes. I guess I'm still feeling a little salty about last week's episode, but I'll get over it soon.

Play Ball!

Well they may not be "playing ball" per se, but Tim Gunn does show up to the designers' residence wearing a referee shirt (and no tie - what a missed opportunity) to blow a whistle at them and wake them all up. He makes them get dressed in Heidi Klum active wear and drags them to Central Park, where Heidi herself is waiting.

She tells them that they are competing in five teams of two to complete an obstacle course. The winners will get first pick of fabric and they will also get an extra hour of work time at the end of the day.

The challenge is to create an active wear look for Heidi's New Balance collection. The winning design will be sold online and in select stores. Heidi also informs them that while Helen will still have immunity for this challenge, designers won't be able to win immunity for the rest of the competition.

The obstacle course is mildly amusing. Bradon and Helen were off to a quick start after the three-legged race and the tires, but they completely skip over the human wheelbarrow portion to get to the find the flag, so they have to go back. It may shock you to know that Ken has a bad attitude about being paired with Batts and about being outdoors in general. Dom and Justin come out ahead and have first pick of the stretchy active wear material that is provided to them.

Work It Out

When the designers get back to the work room, they see that their mannequins have clothes on them. Tim tells them that they are other pieces from Heidi's collections, that they can use them to help inspire their designs but not to cut up.

Helen chases after Tim to ask him if it's okay if she uses the pants on one of the forms to pattern her own pants. He says to go ahead and that he actually thinks it's a good idea.

When Helen gets back to the work room, of course her fellow designers want to know what she asked Tim about. She just smiles coyly and says she's not telling. And that sets Ken off for some reason. He tells her he thinks it's not fair and that he doesn't appreciate her attitude. It escalates with him swearing at her and telling her to "shut the f*** up" and eventually he spews a vague threat like "you haven't seen crazy until I come over there."

Helen feels threatened and goes to find Tim because she doesn't want to get stabbed on Project Runway. Ken cools off by calling a spiritual adviser from his church and then talking to Tim. Since Tim is both a calming presence and a papa bear, he manages to talk Ken off a cliff and then escorts him back to the work room where he apologizes to Helen. Then they hug and it's as if nothing ever happened. Except we the viewers all know all to well what a crazy person Ken is at this point, and at least I'm hoping he makes something crappy again this week and finally gets kicked off.

Sweating and Sewing

Helen wants to make a three piece look with leggings, a tank and a jacket. When Heidi and Tim visit, they're worried her tank and leggings are too boring and that she really needs to make her jacket a 'wow' piece.

Batts is working on a linear print sports bra with the same kind of linear print on the pants. Heidi is horrified when she sees it, telling her that it is awful and looks like a Martian would wear it. There are only four hours left in the day and Batts is doing her completely frazzled impression of Madame Medusa from The Rescuers. She does manage to scrap together a baggy pair of sweats with neon green piping.

Justin is making shorts and a sports bra. Heidi and Tim don't want it to look like a harness at the top, but Justin doesn't want it to have too much cleavage.

Even though the judges advised Bradon against getting too hung up on his intricate techniques, of course he is using complicated seaming in his pants. This time though, Heidi and Tim seem to love it.

Alexandria is making another drop-crotch pant. UGH. Also she has the same model who has been in bottom looks for EVERY CHALLENGE. So good luck with that, girl.

Kate is inspired for this challenge by her little brother who does motocross. She's making a motorcycle-like jacket with leggings with red color detail and piping.

Ken, too is making a motorcycle themed jacket. Except Heidi says it looks like a scuba suit, so he scraps the whole thing and decides to create a basic haltar top with biker shorts. Really innovative stuff here.

Alexander is making a color-blocked fitted legging with a snazzy asymetrical jacket. Heidi advises him to lessen the trim a little on the tank, which he does.

Run the Runway

It's the Project Runway dream team tonight, folks, made up of Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Michael ("She Looks Like She's Pooping Fabric!") Kors and of course, Heidi Klum. I have to say that in general this runway show was kind of a bore where a lot of the looks resembled each other, but I suppose that's what comes with a boring challenge.


Kate- Heidi says Kate used the perfect amount of color in her look and she loves the way she used the fabric, especially the mesh sleeves. Michael loves the zipper in the back and how you can just change the silhouette with it. Zac says the look is polished and you can even wear it after you leave the gym.

Helen- Nina absolutely loves the jacket that covers your butt and your thighs. She says she would pack it in her bag when she was going away on business or even wear it on the plane. Michael says it crosses generational lines and Zac admires the work done on the jacket.

Alexander- Not everyone thinks that Alexander's look should have been in the top. While Heidi likes the color blocking in the pants, Nina and Michael think it makes the model look shorter. Michael says it looks like something you would find on the sale rack, but at least it's in a store.


Ken- Heidi says that she doesn't mind Ken's outfit but she thinks it's super safe and super boring. Nina says it still looks like a scuba suit because of the long, awkward top and Michael says he has plenty of function in the look but no fashion.

Karen- Part of me wonders what the original look that Batts made would have looked like, because her sweatsuit is just terrible. Michael says her model looks like she's going to a buffet on a cruise and smuggling cookies in her pants. Zac points out that fit and the sewing are also catastrophic.

Alexandria- Drop-crotch me once, shame on you. Drop-crotch me twice, shame on me. The drop-crotch pants are definitely not a success the second time around, which Zac is quick to point out is now repetitive and tired. Heidi doesn't hate it, but Michael is adamant about his hate for the "poopy pants" with the "pleasure me" pockets.

Helen is the winner for the the third time, and the second time in a row. She doesn't win immunity, but her look will be sold online and in stores by New Balance.

And poor crazy Batts is sent packing. While I would have loved nothing more than to see Ken get the auf wiedersehen, I can't argue with the heinous look that Karen Batts created.

Next week, Heidi makes Project Runway history by sending the designers back the work room after a runway challenge! It's about to get real kids.

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