'Idol' Roundup: Kelly Clarkson's 'Catch My Breath' Video, James Durbin's Xmas Song and More
'Idol' Roundup: Kelly Clarkson's 'Catch My Breath' Video, James Durbin's Xmas Song and More
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Both Kelly Clarkson and Phillip Phillips have albums coming out next week. Leading up to those releases, Kelly has released a new music video, and an extended preview of Phillip's new songs are online. James Durbin is taking on one of Elvis' Christmas songs. And Kristy Lee Cook's new music video is a tribute to veterans.

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Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath" Music Video

With less than a week to go until the release of Kelly Clarkson's Greatest Hits -- Chapter One (November 19), the music video for her new single "Catch My Breath" is now online. There's nothing too elaborate here in terms of storytelling, with the main focus on Kelly and her voice, and some cool special effects to give the video its look.

Preview Phillip Phillips' Album: Part 2

Both Kelly and Phillip Phillips have something in common: their new albums will be coming out on the same day. It'll be interesting to see which one sells more. (To be fair, it's hard to compare the two, considering one is a greatest hits record and the other a debut album.) A couple weeks ago, BuddyTV provided 60-second previews of each song on The World from the Side of the Moon. Those previews have been extended, with 90-second clips now online.

First Listen: James Durbin's "Santa Claus is Back in Town"

It's not even Thankgiving or Black Friday yet, but that doesn't stop our favorite singers from putting out Christmas music (like Scotty McCreery did last month). This time, it's James Durbin rocking out on Elvis Presley's "Santa Claus is Back in Town."

James spoke with Yahoo about how his version ended up sounding the way it did. "One day while we were writing and recording the new record in Nashville, and we sat down with our producer James Michael and started jamming on this song. We found this killer, Van Halen-esque punk hybrid sound, and decided to record. Except for the background vocals, it's all one take, hence my cough and [drummer] Jeff Fabb's opening line, 'One take, come on.'"

Kristy Lee Cook's "Airborne Ranger Infantry" Music Video

Speaking of holidays, Veterans Day was this past Sunday. And to mark the occasion, season 7 finalist Kristy Lee Cook has released a music video for her song "Airborne Ranger Infantry," a tribute to veterans that include her dad, who served in Vietnam. "My dad had written these poems when he was in the military," Kristy told the Huffington post, "and it was really cool because we framed them and we hung them up in the house." Many lines from those poems actually ended up as lyrics in the new song. Her father's connection doesn't stop there: he's listed as a co-writer and makes a cameo in the music video, which you can watch below:

Kristy Lee Cook's sophomore album, executive produced by Jason Aldean, is expected to be released next year.

Idol Tweets

James Durbin: "Listened to all the songs we've written so far for the new record. I just gotta say, its gonna be so much fun playing it live for you all!"

Todrick Hall: "Got a new job singing back up on X Factor. Now trying to figure out ways to Shimmy with Demi and swindle a pic with Brit. Hmmmmm......"

Colton Dixon: "My first album will be titled: Colton Dixon -- a Messenger. ... Plus, the album will available at the end of January."

Colton Dixon: "Recording background vocals today. We are at the final stretch of this record. So stinkin excited for you all to listen."

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