Something for Everyone (to Hate): Kardashians, O'Reilly, Maher Sign Multi-Year TV Deals
Something for Everyone (to Hate): Kardashians, O'Reilly, Maher Sign Multi-Year TV Deals
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Some of TV's most polarizing figures are going to be with us a lot longer. In what can only be seen as the opposite of the Celebrity Deaths Rules of 3, the Kardashian family, Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly all received renewals for their shows today for multiple years.

So put on your hater helmets, because, no matter what you think, I'm sure one of those three will make you angry.

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Maybe it's the Kardashian family, who inked a deal to stick with E! for three more years, which should give Kim, Khloe and Kourtney the opportunity to "take" a few more cities. If that doesn't make you angry, maybe the fact that it's for a reported $40 million will.

Or maybe it's the fact that HBO's lefty comedy commentary Real Time with Bill Maher was just renewed for two more seasons, giving the pundit who donated $1 million to the Obama campaign a chance to keep calling Sarah Palin mean names.

Or maybe it's Bill O'Reilly who gives you a rage-on, signing a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal to stay with FOX News for the indefinite future. He'll be keeping his zone spin-free for several more years. At least, if you're a liberal college student, he'll probably write a few more books for you to buy your uncle as a Christmas present.

Politically speaking, the left and right each get something they love and something they hate, which keeps balance in the universe. As for the Kardashians, there really is no balance. We'll just have to get used to a world where E! will keep giving them millions and millions of dollars for no good reason.

Sound off below! Do you think Bill Maher is a talent-less buffoon who should be canceled just like he was when he was on ABC? Are you furious that Bill O'Reilly will continue to corrupt the minds of old ladies who think secular progressives are coming to murder them in their sleep? Is the possibility of three more years of hilarious Kardashian impressions on Saturday Night Live worth their continued existence as reality TV superstars?

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