'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Recap: Is Kris a Good Mom If She Doesn't Let Her Kids Fail?
'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Recap: Is Kris a Good Mom If She Doesn't Let Her Kids Fail?
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Let me preface this article by stating I've never raised a kid. I'm thankful for that, and you should be too, because any children sharing my genes would probably re-enact Children of the Corn.

With that out of the way, this episode picks up where last week's left off. A family therapy session has left Rob sobbing in a bathroom. Kris' entire family accuses her of favoring Kim. It's actually a little hard to watch; they've taken all the "fun" out of "dysfunctional family."

When you add this week's events to the previous episode, it raises an interesting question: is Kris Jenner a good mom?

Rob, The Unfashionable Fashion Designer

She certainly wants her kids to be happy. Since Rob's feeling left out of the family business, he gets a chance at starting a clothing line. A reasonable enough response. Rob has some business experience with his sock line, and has been around the fashion business to know some of its ins and outs.

However, when it comes time for Rob's meeting with a world-famous clothing designer, he shows up fairly under-dressed. Alright, that's an understatement. He shows up under-dressed for the gym, wearing sweats, and hasn't even showered yet. Scott's taking the meeting with him, and he's worried it'll be canceled once they get one look at Rob. Though his attire gets glossed over, it's like Rob showed up wanting to fail.

Kendall and Kylie Aren't Too Cool for Homeschool

Then there's Kendall and Kylie. They're pushing to be homeschooled again after missing class for a business trip. Kris feels the two shouldn't miss out on a traditional high school experience and shoots that idea down.

Well, until Kylie won't go to school on the day of her final. Knowing she'll fail her test, Kylie even gets out of Kris' car as she's being driven to school and refuses to get back in. Immediately, Kris caves to her daughter's demands, driving her home and arranging for Kendall and Kylie to be taught by a private tutor from now on.

Everyone's a Winner, But Is That a Good Thing?

Kris' actions toward Rob, Kendall and Kylie show something interesting. All of them are allowed to win no matter what. Rob gets his clothing line. Kendall and Kylie get their tutor. If they know one thing, it's how to succeed.

What Kris doesn't seem to teach them is how to deal with failure. Her three children are given everything they ask for. Yes, they have put in hard and fast efforts toward their goals. That won't always be enough, though. When they finally face failure, which will inevitably happen, it seems the trio will be woefully unprepared to deal with it.

Does that mean Kris is a bad mom? I'm the last one to answer this question. What do you think? Is Mrs. Jenner doing a good job of raising her children, or is she falling short? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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