'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Recap: Kourtney's Not The Only One Needing Therapy
'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Recap: Kourtney's Not The Only One Needing Therapy
Everyone's running scared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this week. Kendall's shyness hurts her new job, Kourtney fears where her trust issues are leading and Kim confronts her fear of spiders. Though carrying over the "Everybody Hates Kris" card from last week, the episode entertains but feels a bit dull.

Kendall Fears Stranger Danger

Kylie and Kendall get their first assignment for Seventeen magazine: scouting models. Equipped with business cards and a camera, the two brave the urban wilderness, valiantly exploring dangerous food courts and overcoming parking lot after parking lot searching for talent. Kendall's shy personality causes her to act like Stevie Nicks, staying on the edge of Seventeen's assignment.

Seeking Kim's sage advice on getting Kendall out of her bashful bubble, Kim relates how her personal battle with shyness was won with the encouragement of her sisters. Joining the two on their next scouting trip, Kendall finally works up the courage to talk to strangers.

Best Kardashianism: "Maybe now I can take candy from strangers and stuff." -- Kendall

Really Un-Kris-tian Language

Kris cannot catch a break. Immediately after she patches things up with Khloe over the DNA test spat, Kourtney's temper boils over with her mom. From insinuating Kris still cheats on Bruce to constant rude comments, Kourtney and Kris fight a verbal guerrilla war. She also angers Scott by being so closemouthed about her problems.

Seeking her therapist's advice to defuse the situation, Kourtney decides just opening up about her feelings would be the best course of action. Though her mom takes the somewhat forced apology well, when she tries the same to Scott things aren't so pretty. He constantly interrupts her, stating "You never talk to me!" as she's trying to smooth things over, and rudely calls her therapy a "psychic reading." Maybe it's Scott that needs some emotional help.

Best Kardashianism: "If you keep popping those kids out like Tic Tacs, we're gonna have a family on our hands!" -- Scott

More Like ArachnoFUNia!

Things Kim hates:

1. Words that aren't abbrevs
2. Skin lacking spray tan
3. Spiders

Bruce plays on that last fear when he throws a spider on Kim. She reacts like he had tossed gasoline and matches on her back: sprinting away wailing. Deciding payback's in order, Kim loans him her Ferrari and then "steals" it when he's not looking. Cackling as he "freaks out" (i.e. crosses arms, furrows brow), she drives up and reveals the prank, which Bruce takes in good humor.

Kim gets a chance to overcome her fear of spiders at dinner that night. Bruce sets the table with a special appetizer: two spiders in a cup. Kim keeps the spiders as pets, for once without hyperbolic screaming.

Best Kardashianism: "Help me! I'm trapped!" -- Bruce, jokingly speaking for the spiders,  actually making a commentary on the unhappy life he's leading.

Moral of the Story: Try to get over your fears with help from your family. If that doesn't work, constantly throw spiders at them. This episode seemed a little stagnant, and many elements of the last one were rehashed. Are the Kardashians easier to keep up with since their pace is slowing down? Will the next episode make up for this one? Comment and let us know!

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