'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' High Five: 'Kim Becomes a Stage Mom'
Here's your BuddyTV High Five: The five big moments and questions from tonight's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, "Kim Becomes a Stage Mom."

Kim becomes just like her mother -- like we didn't see that one coming -- when Kendall needs a chaperone on a modeling trip to New York. Scott sweats Kris's continual and sometimes unexpected presence and Khloe doesn't do much at all but the producers choose to show it to us anyway.

High Five Highlights:

5. Chloe is so stressed out. And so, she tries acupuncture. "It's like a little valium in the ear," her acupuncturist tells her, selling the Chinese medical practice to Kardashian-like girls around the world.

4. Kendell's been modeling for a year and a half now. But she's never tried runway modeling and frankly, it doesn't interest her. When her photographer tells her that she'd be a near perfect runway model and Kris can't take her to New York, Kim becomes just like her mother and takes over, accompanying Kendell to New York to meet with an interested agency.

3. Kris has a key. Kris, being both the girls' agent and the mother hen, has a key to everyone's home, much to the dismay of Scott, Kourtney's husband, who looks more like Patrick Bateman or a Gossip Girl character (same thing, really) in this episode than a young Donald Trump. This is Scott's first home, Scott explains to the camera and he is not too keen on the idea that Kris can walk in anytime. Kourtney brainstorms how to get the key back without insulting her mother.

2. Khloe flips a mattress.Khloe didn't get a whole lot of airtime in tonight's episode and so the producers chose to show her flipping a mattress. Which is about as interesting as watching Khloe... get acupuncture.

1. Kim Becomes a Stage Mom. While in New York, Kendall just wants to have fun. Kim thinks otherwise, knowing that modeling is hard work. "I'm not a model," she says, "I'm a personality" and apparently, Kim doesn't believe Kendall has the same flair as, Kim explains to Bruce, "She's like, a real, model." By the end of the episode, Kim remembers Kendall is just fifteen. (We can see how she could forget since she looks 35.)


- This season seems to be all about Kris versus the boys. Which of the three (or four, if you include her own husband) will be the first to lose the war against the mother? And do you think Scott scored a win in tonight's episode?

- Will Kendall's modeling career take off meaning she will have to miss more cheerleading practices and we, thank goodness, have another Kardashian (with a different last name) to watch?

Jennifer Leah Peck
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