Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim Given Permanent Restraining Order Against Stalker
Kim Kardashian's battle with her "Joker face" stalker continues, and this time things are getting even more serious.  The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has finally been granted a permanent restraining order against the guy, thanks to the decision of one Los Angeles judge.
The 26-year-old Dennis Shaun Bowman who has been threatening Kim Kardashian's life has been ordered to stay away from the reality star a few days ago.  According to a report by E! Online, this didn't really work for both parties.  Stricter measures were needed.

Neither Kim nor her stalker showed up for the ruling on Wednesday, but the new restraining order did push through.  It extends the previously temporary one, which only lasts until 2013, given a couple of weeks ago.

The restraining order supposedly keeps Bowman 500 yards away from the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, stops him from having any contact with her and even hinders him from her Twitter.  The court documents describe him as "delusional," which leaves him unable to possess any firearms.

Showing up at all of Kim Kardashian's Los Angeles appearances and making your fantasy date with her a reality really can creep anyone out.  More so if you have your face made up like the Joker.

Throughout all this though, the celebrity and her legal team did pull through.  Even the Georgia native Bowman has finally consented.

"Mr. Bowman willingly entered into a written agreement to stay away from Ms. Kardashian," Kim's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley announced.  "This morning's court order simply enforces the agreement between the parties."

Well that certainly takes some weight off Kim Kardashian's shoulders, making her free to cheer for her boyfriend Reggie Bush.  He was actually the reason why she wasn't present during the hearing.  Both of them were in Florida, with the reality star showing her support for her athlete beau.

As we all know, Bush will be playing for the New Orleans Saints for the Super Bowl on Sunday.  With their stalker problem out of the way, surely this Keeping Up with the Kardashians star will be able to focus on cheering her guy on.  He did, after all, give her six bodyguards.

Source: E! Online
(Image Courtesy of WENN)