'Kardashians' Roundup: The Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumor
'Kardashians' Roundup: The Bruce Jenner Sex Change Rumor
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Bruce Jenner has been the subject of controversy these days for supposedly "transitioning to becoming a woman." And while the press is having a field day over this, the 64-year-old former athlete still hasn't responded to the sex change rumor yet . His silence, however, just might speak volumes.

Bruce Jenner's Surgery

It all started when Bruce went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to schedule a laryngeal shave, a procedure that would decrease the size of his Adam's Apple. "I just never liked my trachea," Bruce told TMZ, adding that he also wanted a smaller nose. Since a laryngeal shave is usually done on patients to initiate gender reassignment, this immediately triggered sex change rumors about the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.  It was also reported that Bruce, who got the procedure somewhere else, has visibly gone through other physical changes, including sporting longer hair and finger nails. His breasts are also rumored to have increased in size. See photos here!

Bruce Jenner's Silence and His Family's Reaction

Bruce, who previously told  TMZ he's not becoming a woman prior to getting the procedure, has reportedly left his family in the dark about his rumored sex change.  According to TMZ's source, "Kim [Kardashian] is completely in the dark -- he says nothing to her. And she's not alone. No one on the show discusses the changes in Bruce... and there are no plans to address them on the show."

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, who announced his split with Bruce last October, doesn't seem to think there's any truth about the rumor. "Ninety-nine percent of the stuff in the tabloids is made up," Kris told Entertainment Tonight.  "I think when he gets his nails buffed they put clear [nail polish]. The bottom line is we sell magazines."

As for Bruce's sons, Brody and Brandon, the reality stars admit that Bruce is "definitely having a moment... an identity crisis." Radar Online's source reveals that Brody and Brandon are supportive of what ever makes their father happy. 

"If Bruce did decide to become a woman, Brody and Brandon would absolutely support him. All they know is that their dad is in a really good place right now, and that is all that matters," the insider said. "[Both Brandon and Brody are] extremely supportive of the LGBT, and if their dad become part of that community, nothing will change."

Ask Dr. Phil

Since it looks like Bruce's sex change rumor won't be extinguished anytime soon, Dr. Phil McGraw was recently interviewed on Inside Edition about his opinion on whether he suspects that Bruce is undergoing a sex change. "Everybody's been... saying for the last several years since he had plastic surgery that he came out looking like a woman, with feminine features and characteristics. If the [Adam's apple] surgery that has been reported has taken place, and the things that you see, he looks to me to possibly be in transition. If he's wanting to move in that direction, which I have no problem with if that's what he wants to do."

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Bruce Jenner

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel recently poked fun at Bruce Jenner's "transition" using the Facebook look back video. Watch the video below:

Do you think Bruce Jenner is transitioning to becoming a woman?

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