'Kardashians' Roundup: Kris Humphries' Ex-Girlfriend is Pregnant, Kanye West Makes 'Kardashians' Debut
'Kardashians' Roundup: Kris Humphries' Ex-Girlfriend is Pregnant, Kanye West Makes 'Kardashians' Debut
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The Kim Kardashian-Kris Humprhies divorce case is bound to get more complicated with reports of Kris' ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj, expecting her child with the basketball star. According to TMZ, Sinanaj claims that she is three months pregnant with Humphries and that she hasn't told him yet.

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"I can't wait to have a little Boy lol sounds corny but a lil me running around dressed like his daddy? Too cute," Sinanaj tweeted. 

This could ultimately call into question Humphries image as a victim in the alleged fake marriage. "Character wise, this can hurt his case," an insider for Hollywood Life says. "Public opinion does matter. People will now question whether he is lying or not [about his marriage to Kim]. What is his true character?"

"But now, if Myla is three months pregnant, then she was impregnated just five months after Kris' split from Kim. Meanwhile, Kris has been going around and saying he's religious," added the insider. "He made a case saying that he believed in the sanctity of love and marriage."

In other news, Kim's current boyfriend, Kanye West, is about to make his debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in Monday's episode. The appearance of the rapper on Kim's show is expected to boost ratings for the reality series though the starlet claims that she intends not to make a big deal out of the relationship.

"I'm not going to be taking a bubble bath and drinking champagne or on a sex swing [on camera] like Khloe and Lamar do," Kim told E! News. "It's not going to be like that."

In the promo video,  a shy Kanye comes to Kim's rescue when she can't decide what to wear at the opening of Scott Disick's restaurant in New York. "I am so happy Kanye is coming with me to Scott's restaurant opening," Kim says. "I don't want to make a big fuss about it -- we're just hanging out."

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