'Kardashians' Roundup: Kendall Drops Last Name, Brody Feels 'Played' by Kim and More
'Kardashians' Roundup: Kendall Drops Last Name, Brody Feels 'Played' by Kim and More
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This week's Karadashians roundup includes a name change, a wedding drama and a dating rumor. Read on to find out more.  

A "Jenner" No More

It's no secret that Kendall Jenner had been struggling to be taken seriously in the modeling industry because of her Kardashian label and now the 18-year-old daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner have made yet another move to "cut" her ties with her infamous reality TV family. She has decided to drop her last name, simply going by the name "Kendall" for all her modeling gigs. 

 "Everyone's making that such a big deal and I've actually been going by Kendall since last season," Kendall told E! News. "It's not too new but everybody's just recently freaking out about it."

A source told Hollywood Life that Kendall "just wants some independence from her family. Everyone in the business refers to her on a first-name basis, anyway. Plus, she thinks it's cool! She's always looked up to Twiggy and Giselle, and they're on a first-name basis, too. It's really important to Kendall that she make a name for herself on her own and she feels like dropping her last name helps with that goal."

Meanwhile, Bruce and Kris seem supportive of their daughter's decision. "Bruce isn't upset at all and Kris doesn't care -- she's just thrilled at how successful she's become in the modeling industry. She's very proud of her," a Kardashian family friend told Hollywood Life.

Brody Jenner Feels Played Over Wedding Drama

Drama is brewing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians' latest episode as it features Kim Kardashian complaining about step-brother Brody Jenner skipping her wedding to Kanye West after his girlfriend was not invited. An insider tells Radaronline that Jenner cited his work as an excuse for not attending the wedding but now feels "played" after Kim revealed the real reason on television. 

Brody was invited to the wedding but his girlfriend  Kaitlynn Carter was not on the guest list so he decided not to attend without her. 

"Bruce asked Brody to tell the media that he wasn't going because of work commitments. So Brody publicly went on record and said he had commitments and the wedding was too far away," a source told Radaronline. 

"Brody was stunned when footage of the show revealed that Brody wouldn't be going because Kaitlynn wasn't invited," the source said. "It's just absolutely disgusting for Brody to realize he was played by Kim as payback for their ongoing feud. It's one of the reason's that he decided to go to her ex Reggie Bush's wedding earlier this summer. He is done with all of this drama."

"Publicly the two will say there is no feud, but that is all for keeping up the appearance of having a big extended family for the sake of the E! reality show," the source added. "Brody never sees Kim except when they are filming, and the two aren't even friends."

Spotted: Kris Jenner Getting Cozy with Dean Cain

Kris Jenner was spotted kissing actor Dean Cain, who best known for playing Superman on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. They enjoyed lunch in Beverly Hills on Wednesday and was caught by the cameras as they exited a posh eatery and gave each other a peck before bidding farewell. This, as expected, has sparked dating rumors between the 58-year-old reality star and the 48-year-old actor. 

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