France Gets a Taste of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'
While fans in the United States are craving for more Kardashiantics, reality TV lovers in Europe are soaking up the E! series.  In fact, the Kardashians recently headed to the western lands of France to promote their hit reality series, which recently debuted in Europe.  In fact, promotion isn't the only thing Kim Kardashian is keeping herself busy with.

"To let you in on my itinerary, after hanging out in Monaco with my mom, Kourtney and Grandma MJ, I'm planning to meet Reggie in Florence, Italy, after his training camp.  Then we are off to London for his big press conference for the NFL!" Kim Kardashian revealed in her blog.

It seems that the Kardashians are enjoying their little jot around Europe, as they even got to meet a few influential people from United Kingdom, like the Prime Minister in Monaco.  While there, the Kardashians also ran into Lost stars Naveen Andrews and Jorge Garcia, who were also there for the annual film festival.

The Kardashians also got to meet Prince Albert at the palace of Monaco, and as Kim put it, “This was the most spectacular experience ever! I was so pleased to find that he is soooo nice! He seemed very shy but I also found him to be extremely down-to-earth.”

Kim and the rest of her family were all taken by the breathtaking sights of the palaces. In fact, it seems that Kim was at a loss for words, describing them in only two words—“So beautiful!”

Meanwhile, Kim was thrilled to finally meet Melanie Brown of the phenomenal pop group, the Spice Girls. She says that "I have to admit, I am the biggest Spice Girls fan, so I was absolutely floored to meet the one-and-only Scary Spice!"

As for their media-hop around France, Kim says that she had a lot of fun and that “it was very exciting because we got the awesome opportunity to meet with almost every radio station, television show, newspaper and magazine in the country!”

Fans in the United States mustn't worry because Kim will certainly be back as soon as she concludes promoting the E! series in Europe.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Official Kim Kardashian
(Photo courtesy of Official Kim Kardashian)