So You Think You Can Dance: The Judges Take To Twitter to Defend Katie Holmes
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Uh-Oh guys, the judges are not happy with what we've all had to say about Katie Holmes and her routine last night on the 100th Episode of So You Think You Can Dance. As I stated rather simply (and kindly) I would have rather seen a dancer dance and a singer sing. Some of you used more colorful terms to describe Katie's performance, but I think we can all agree that we were underwhelmed by Katie's performance.

This, according to the judges, makes us awful people that are the reason that stars refuse to do charity. Both Nigel and Adam Shankman took to their Twitter accounts to hate on the haters and to tell us why we are all so wrong about Katie and her performance.(Hint: it's the CHILDREN, think about the CHILDREN.) 

Here's what Adam Shankman had to say about the Katie's routine and people's reaction:

"Katie was great. No haters please. It was amazing to see that style performed with joy and brio!"

"What Katie did last night was an homage: if you're not familiar with the original, you should go back and watch. Though there is no one who compares to the incomparable Judy garland. Katie did grt, and frankly more dancing then Judy in the movie. No hating. It was all there for the kids and the charity."

(p.s. Shanks: no one compares = incomparable)

"I think it's great that everyone has opinions, but be clear: Katie wanted to do something with the show for dizzyfeet foundation, but had to govto Australia to shoot a movie, so she had to pretape. She did it before dff had nonprofit status. We couldn't legally announce. Not very cool to cut her up for what she did, and when she did it"

Here's what Nigel had to say about Katie's routine and people's reaction:

"Why hate on Katie? She's had no dance training and did this for publicity for the charity. Everyone lip synchs when they're dancing. MJ too"

"I'm going to ban all the Katie haters. You make me sick. Your attitude stops 'stars' doing charity work. Understand why she did it CHILDREN"

"I'm trying to figure out why Katie is being judged as a dancer. When a star throws out the opening pitch no-one says "ooh crap pitcher!""

Wow, Mr. Nigel Lythgoe is angry. Angry. Angry. Angry. And, we make him sick. Plus, he name drops MJ. (Seriously Nigel, MJ?) So, since as Shanks points out, its great that everyone has opinions, here are my thoughts. I don't really care that Katie Holmes pre-taped or lip synched her performance. As the musical guests have proved this season, lip synching is pretty standard operating procedure when choreography is involved. I also think it's great that Katie Holmes is involved in the Dizzy Feet Foundation and wanted to do this for THE CHILDREN. However, after all the time the judges put in hyping Katie's performance, I think it's quite reasonable to feel a little dissapointment.

In fact, I kind of blame the judges and Nigel himself for raising such high expectations for Katie's performance. How many times in the past few weeks have we heard that Katie's performance was going to be amazing, career defining, can't miss moment? If it weren't for all the praise and promise of an awe inducing performance, I think we would've been less likely to judge Katie so harshly or as a dancer. It's called crying wolf guys, you did it, you got called on it and now you're angry. What did you expect after all the hype? No amount of bally-hooing about charity and the CHILDREN is going to change my original statement. That this is a show about dancing, and I would've rather seen a dancer do it.

A couple more photos from Katie Holmes' amazing! career making! Broadway homage for the CHILDREN. Won't you please think of the children?:

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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