'Survivor Philippines' Recap: Immunity Challenge Separates the Mice from the Men
'Survivor Philippines' Recap: Immunity Challenge Separates the Mice from the Men
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's day seven on the survivors' little island in the Philippines and the men are looking a little more scruffy and the women are also probably scruffy, but thankfully it's not as noticeable to us viewing from home.

At Matsing, Angie is offended by Roxie's accusation at tribal council that she and Malcolm are a couple and continues to assert that they are nothing more than just friends. Russell is not convinced that they are not a pair and wants to break them up the next chance they get. Meanwhile Malcolm tells Denise that he has no problem getting rid of Angie at the next tribal council if that's the best move for the tribe. Apparently cuddling to stay warm isn't that important.

Besides having to go to tribal council twice in a row, Matsing continues to have bad luck when their raft drifts out to sea. Well maybe that's not so much bad luck as it is stupidity. The producers were nice enough to give us a shot of the raft, and that thing must have been floating out all night because it is long gone.

Back at Tandang, Abi is doing a lot of complaining saying that she's tired and she twisted her knee and she needs time to herself and wah wah wahhh. She may look good basking on the beach, but other than the Sports Illustrated bod, she doesn't seem to be cut out for Survivor. Not to mention the fact that GIRL IS CRAY. Her paranoia is out of control and she is constantly accusing R.C. of plotting against her.

And no sooner does R.C. walk away that Abi decides to tell Peter about the hidden immunity idol clue. Nice, now she's doing exactly what she wrongfully accused R.C. of doing. Not only that, but now Peter is mad at R.C. for telling Abi and not him about the idol clue. Abi is a crazy little snake and probably the most unlikable person on the show thus far.

Apparently this knowledge of the idol clue gives Peter the confidence he needed to talk to Lisa about getting her on his side to get rid of Michael next. She pretty much agrees to do whatever it will take to stay in the game.

On Kabalaw, a tribe we have seen very little of except when Jonathan found the immunity idol, Dana notices that the bull piece is missing from the top of the rice container, which is the said idol that Jonathan has. Jeff immediately not only figures out that the bull is probably the idol, but he also suspects that Jonathan has it. He is angry at himself for not seeing it first and agrees with Dawson and Carter to flush it out the first time they get a chance.

Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge this week is simple in concept: there are puzzle wheels strung up under water at different depths and each survivor must jump off a barge to retrieve eight wheels and once they have them all they have to spell a word to complete the puzzle. In addition to the first two tribes winning immunity, the first tribe to finish gets a canoe and a fishing kit (which would be especially helpful for Matsing who just misplaced their raft) and a smaller fishing kit for the tribe that comes in second.

Angie is the first to dive for Matsing and slow right off the bat. She has a ton of trouble retrieving her piece from a mere two feet of water. Both of the other tribes collect two pieces while she is still working on her first. When she comes back she tells her tribe mates that she "can't do it" and won't be able to make it out for another round.

Denise makes up a lot of ground for Matsing, but then Russell loses it again. He is not a strong swimmer and he struggles to get back up on the platform to tag the next swimmer to get in the water. On Tandang, Michael shatters his goggles on his face and it looks like he is crying blood, but it ain't no thang apparently because he and the challenge just keep going. And we have to keep looking at his bloody face for the rest of the time. Cute!

R.C. is a beast for Tandang, swimming out three or four times in a row to get pieces. Russell blows even more ground when he swims out and is unable to retrieve a piece so he swims back empty handed. It's on Malcolm and Denise to keep their tribe in the challenge.

Kabalaw is the first to start their puzzle followed shortly by Tandang. Denise and Malcolm work really hard to catch up, but in the end, they can't and they end up losing the challenge once again. Kabalaw gets the canoe for first place and both them and Tandang get the fishing gear and immunity. So it's back to tribal for Matsing.

Before we get to Loser Camp, the producers switch things up and give us a little Winner Camp action. At Kabalaw, Jonathan tells Jeff that he has the idol and the two form sort of an alliance. And at Tandang the whack-a-doo Abi finds the immunity idol while everyone is out fishing. Oh great, it looks like we're stuck with this one for a little while longer. Though she may not be smart enough to actually use her idol at an appropriate time.

At Loser Camp (which should be the official name for Matsing now) Malcolm and Denise debate whether to send Russell or Angie home. Angie saunters up to them with her big fake boobs and says, "Look guys, it's not like I quit. I would never quit. Russell's the one who just gave up." But the thing is she DID QUIT. We all saw it. Because she did it ON CAMERA.

Meanwhile Russell is feeling low and is comparing his existence on Survivor to his ancestors' experience in the Middle Passage and with Jim Crow laws ... annnnd that's all the response that one's gonna get. This is what he talks about instead of spending any time looking for the hidden immunity idol, which he holds a clue for. Which, you know, actually affects the game he is currently playing instead of disrespecting thousands of people who endured real tragedy and suffering. UGH.

Tribal Council

Tribal council goes pretty much the way that can be expected. Jeff asks them why they keep losing and Angie and Russell make cases for themselves. Russell's case is stronger, stating that he has more intelligence, experience and physicality than Angie and proceeds to make her cry. While her tears are a nice touch, her tribe doesn't fall for it and they vote her non-quitter quitter ass out.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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