'Kath & Kim' Receive Poor Reviews
'Kath & Kim' Receive Poor Reviews
In August, BuddyTV gave you a Fall Review, giving you a sneak peek into the returning and new shows that will hit the airwaves this season.  One of those shows is NBC’s Kath and Kim, which premieres on October 9 at 8:30pm.  Unfortunately for most viewers, the TV critics are at it again, releasing their reviews and spoiling all the fun for us.

For those who wouldn’t want to be swayed, read no further because there may be bad news for those who are looking forward to NBC’s Kath and Kim, which stars Molly Shannon as Kath Day, Selma Blair as Kim Day, John Micheal Higgins as Phil Knight and Mikey Day as Craig Baker.  Created by Gina Riley and Jane Turner, the original series of Kath and Kim hails from Australia, and was developed for American television by Reveille Productions and Universal Media Studios in cooperation with NBC.

Kath and Kim follows the titular characters, a mother and daughter tandem who are bound by blood and crazy family matters.  Residing in a suburban community in Florida, Kath is a divorced woman in her 40s, who is determined to find love again.  Her daughter, Kim, is in her 20s, and is determined to look as young as she could.  Trying to be hip, Kim is obsessed with celebrities.  While Kim is bound to eat to console herself, her mother decides that she is a changed woman who won't give into her daughter's wishes as she had done in the past.  When Kim decides to move back home after separating from her Best Buy worker husband Craig, Kath on the other hand decides to start dating again, and has eyes for Carl, a dorky man in his mid-40s, who coincidentally isn't liked by Kim.

While some buzz has been generated for this American version of an Australian hit comedy series, a few critics have stepped forward to give the show some bad reviews.  Take for example Entertainment Weekly, who reports that the jokes are “too obvious” and that “The core problem with K&K is that there's no character to root for.  These days, we don't need to identify with sitcom characters or even love them.  But we do need an occasionally recognizable — if silly — human, or a compelling relationship, to keep us coming back.  For all of Shannon's luminescence and Blair's intense glower, neither Kath nor Kim is alive in this way.”

The Daily Telegraph on the other hand, wrote, "The funny moments are few and far between - and jokes that do prompt a smile or a giggle are far from the laugh-out-loud guffaws which came regularly during the Australian original...It's all style – well, ridiculous visual splendour – and no substance."

As for the San Francisco Chronicle, they say that the series is "jaw-dropping in their awfulness" and that "Maybe an apology to Australia is unnecessary because the American version misses the mark so badly that it's barely recognizable as a distant cousin to the original."

For those who still want to give Kath and Kim a chance, tune into NBC on Thursday, October 9 at 8:30pm to catch the debut of the comedy series.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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