K-Ville: Episode 9 "Boulet in a China Shop" Recap
K-Ville: Episode 9 "Boulet in a China Shop" Recap
This episode of K-Ville begins in a Karaoke Bar on Bourbon Street. Almost the whole squad, minus Cobb, is drinking and listening to Marlon sing some Wilson Pickett “In the Midnight Hour”. Just as he is finished, they all get paged.

The crime scene is a warehouse with Mardi Gras floats and there are two dead bodies. The squad also finds a self proclaimed homeless guy hiding in one of the float heads. Marlon recognizes him as someone he saved during the floods of Katrina. The guy plays clueless as to what happened in the warehouse.

Marlon believes him, but Cobb is skeptical. In fact the partners argue over him.

Marlon finds another guy on the premises baking pralines that may have been the one to call 911. At the station, he picks the homeless guy out of a lineup as the guy who was holding the guns when he called.

Marlon feels betrayed and goes off on the guy, whose name is Owen Giles.

The witness refuses to testify against Giles and Lindsay, the DA, wants to bail. She said that without the witness, they have nothing to hold him on. In fact, the case is thrown out of court and Giles is released. As he walks by Marlon outside of court, Giles taunts him.

The partners find a connection between Giles and one of the dead guys. Giles ran a loan/pawn type operation until Katrina, and this dead guy took over the business when he left. They speculate that Giles didn't take too kindly to this and when dead guy refused to turn the business back over, he was killed.

Marlon later finds out that Giles is extorting money from the other merchants in the quarter. The second dead guy was a merchant that was killed to send a message. Marlon talks to the guy that has been selling ice cream for years, and who Marlon considers a friend. He gets upset when the ice cream man refuses to talk to him about the extortion because he's afraid.

Marlon vents in the squad car to Cobb about no one standing up to this punk, and Cobb tries to calm him down. He pretends that he's calm, but then after their shift, he enlists Glue Boy and Ginger's aid to help him out with something.

They arrest all the merchants for petty stuff and for obstruction. Back at the station, he again, unsuccessfully, attempts to get them to band together and testify against Giles. He keeps them locked up overnight.

The next morning, Captain Embry reprimands Marlon for the mass arrests. He's received calls from City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce. He takes Marlon off the case.

In their squad car, Marlon tells Cobb another reason that he's so invested in this case. During the flooding, Marlon was driving a boat picking up survivors off of roofs. He came across Giles and another guy, but he only had room for one more person. He chose Giles and told the other guy that he'd be back in ten minutes to get him. When he got back twenty minutes later, the guy had drowned.

He said that now there are more people dead because of that one choice he made.

They get a call that one of the shops has burned down. When they get there, the owner blames Marlon for not protecting her business. Standing on the outside of the crime scene tape, Giles smirks.

That sets Marlon off. He goes to his house and gets another gun from under some floor panels. His wife is feeling frisky, but he puts her off. He tells her that he has to meet Cobb and leaves.

He finds Giles and goes vigilante on him. He beats the crap outta him and then binds his hands behind his back with duct tape. When Giles tells him that he'll be sorry for this treatment when they get to the station, Marlon tells him that they are not going to the station.

Meanwhile, Cobb approaches the ice cream man again and attempts to persuade him to turn on Giles. He plays the guilt card on how if Marlon has to go up against this guy by himself, he will, but he'll lose. When he calls the house looking for Marlon, Ayana tells him that she thought Marlon was with him. He realizes what's going on and goes looking for Marlon.

Marlon pops his trunk in front of this abandoned building and pulls Giles out of it. Giles is still feeling pretty cocky even though Marlon has his hands bound behind him and he's on his knees. He tells Marlon that he's not the type to shoot.

Captain Embry calls Cobb and tells him that all the merchants are at the station and that they are prepared to testify against Giles. He wants to talk to Marlon, but Cobb puts him off. After hanging up, he looks even harder for Marlon.

Marlon has scared Giles silly. He's standing behind him and has shot a few bullets around his head. Giles is crying and begging for his life. Just as it looks like Marlon is about to put a bullet in Giles head, Cobb finds him, stops him and talks him down.

The closing scenes of this week's episode of K-ville are of Giles being found guilty in the courtroom, and the merchant area getting back to normal. And we're back where we started. Karaoke night at the club, and this time Ginger is singing. Cobb has joined them this time and when they try to get him to take his turn at the mic, he runs off.

Next week's K-ville looks as intense as this one. It seems to be Cobb on the hotseat and he tells Marlon that 'they' are really going to be investigating his background.

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