K-Ville: Episode 8 "Flood, Wind, and Fire" Recap
K-Ville: Episode 8 "Flood, Wind, and Fire" Recap
Previously on K-Ville, Charlie abandons his post during the flood, comes back, wants his job back, faces opposition from Marlon. He helps Marlon and Cobb with a case, is injured. Marlon eventually vouches for him and he gets his job back.

Tonight's case is about arson and a dead insurance adjuster. How do they connect? Will Cobb find romance while finding an arsonist and will Marlon's personal life continue to take a positive track? And how does Charlie figure in all of this?
Tonight's episode begins at the scene of a fire. An obnoxious insurance adjuster basically accuses the homeowner of starting the fire for profit. The lady that owns the home tells him that she has been in Baton Rouge until she got the call and that the house had been empty since Katrina. She convinces him of his sincerity and he apologizes. As he backs up, he almost trips over a charred body.

At the station, Captain Embry introduces Charlie and welcomes him to the squad. The other members aren't particularly welcoming. When Marlon makes a point of going up to Charlie to welcome him back, Glue Boy follows suit. Embry tells Charlie that he's on desk duty for now.

Marlon and Cobb get to the murder scene and meet Eileen McGillis, the Fire Marshall. They bump heads over jurisdiction. Cobb surmises that the dead guy was murdered because his teeth had been bashed out prior to the fire. He figures they were bashed out to prevent a dental identification.

Back at the station, Marlon shares with Cobb his suspicions about Charlie. He questions Charlie's rapid rise back to the squad after his reinstatement, when it took Marlon eight years to get on there.

Eileen comes into the station to talk to the guys. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? Sparks fly between her and Cobb. Marlon notices and he facilitates them working closer together. When they all go to talk to the Medical Examiner about the body, Eileen and Cobb not so subtly flirt while the ME gives his report until he mentions a certain chemical accelerant found on the body. She snaps to attention and goes back to the burn site. Cobb follows right behind her and Marlon makes a comment about the sparks to the ME.

At home, Marlon going over the family budget. It's bad, real bad. He finally tells his wife, Ayana how bad things are and that he's been driving his car without insurance. When she offers to get a job, he balks and tells her that he wants her home for their daughter and that if she worked, all her money would end up going for child care. He tells her that they need a miracle and instead he gets part of the ceiling fall on them.

Eileen and Cobb are working late at the fire scene. She finds a connection between 6 other fires in unattended homes.

The next morning in the squad room, they all tease Cobb about Eileen. Embry asks for an update on the case and Cobb tells them about the connection. They surmise that the 6 homeowners may have hired the same guy to torch their homes for insurance money. Marlon realizes that one of the homeowners used to be his mother's nurse.

Upon further investigation, they find that all 6 homes were covered by TBD Insurance and that each of the claims were denied. The mention of the name of the insurance company causes Charlie to remember that he came across a missing person that used to work at that insurance company. The missing person was an Insurance Adjuster for TBD.

They bring all the homeowners into the station to question them. Marlon questions his mom's old nurse and he's convinced that she, at least, had nothing to do with the arsons.

Later, in the squad room, Marlon walks in to hear Charlie telling the rest of the squad that he was first offered vice. He tells them this story about a case involving disputes between vice and the feds and a drug dealer, that they couldn't touch, stashing cash in a locker at the bus station. He tells them that that case is why he turned down vice and requested FAS.

When Glue Boy congratulates Charlie on busting the arson case on his first day, Marlon disputes Charlie's theory about the homeowners hiring an arsonist. He convinces the rest of the squad that they couldn't have anything to do with it.

Marlon and Cobb go to TBD to look through the dead guy's things. They find that in spite of him denying all these claims, he approved four. Not only did he approve those claims, he authorized more than the maximum pay out. When they go to question one of those four homeowners, they ruffle his feathers.

That night, Cobb goes to Eileen's office and they go over the four approved claims. She said that the accelerant used is highly regulated. He notices a pin up calendar on her wall and she tells him that it was for charity, and that she's February. The sparks between them catch hold and turn to a flame and they have sex right there on her desk.

Back at his home, Marlon is given even more bad news. There is mold in all his walls and that it's a health hazard for them to stay there. They don't have the money for repairs because they'd have to basically tear out all the walls and start over. Ayana checked into apartments and even nice two bedroom apartments in their neighborhood are out of their price range.

She tells him that she's been socking a little bit of money away here and there in the hopes that they would be able to go to New York for their anniversary. She hands him a wad of money and tells him to use the money to buy car insurance. He doesn't want to take her money, but he reluctantly does.

Late that night in a deserted area, Charlie meets with Captain Embry. Charlie wants out of whatever deal they have going on because he feels a kinship with the squad members and that they've accepted him. Embry reminds him that he wanted back at any cost, and that this is the cost.

In the squad room the next morning, Marlon immediately picks up that something happened between Cobb and Eileen. Cobb fills him in on what Eileen said about the chemical and that he crossed all the names of homeowners with the list of people authorized to purchase the chemical. He got one hit on the list of people that had their claims approved. This guy is a chemical engineer. They search his home, but come up empty. He tells them this story about him wanting to leave and go to Houston before the claim was approved, but that his wife wanted to stay.

Later Eileen tells them that she's done some more investigating and that she has managed to tie the six denied claims to the four approved claims. But she tells them that she thinks that they are dealing with two different perpetrators: a killer and an arsonist.

That night, alone in the squad room, Cobb is using the computer to investigate Eileen. And back at his home, after Ayana goes to sleep, Marlon is oh so tempted by the tale he remembers Charlie telling about the money in the bus locker.

Marlon drives to the bus station and gets all the way to the locker. Just as he gets ready to break it open, the bus station security guy comes up to him and thanks him for cleaning up his city. After that, Marlon couldn't continue. As he leaves the station, he sees Charlie and they question each other's being there.

Charlie accuses Marlon of being dirty. Marlon has figured out that the story about the money was bait and accuses Charlie of being a rat. They hash it all out and eventually clear the air. Charlie tells Marlon about the surveillance camera, but tells him that he'll take care of it.

Cobb goes to Eileen's office and basically accuses her of being the arsonist. Apparently he got her juvenile records unsealed and she started a fire when she was 15. When she asks him if he's accusing her, he tells her that he's trying to clear her as a suspect.

Meanwhile, Marlon and Charlie are at the station working together to break this case. Marlon is convinced that the Chemical Engineer guy is somehow involved. Charlie finds the connection between him and the other three guys that had their claims approved. They all used to work for the same company that went bankrupt a while ago. Marlon calls Cobb, who's still in Eileen's office and they arrange to meet up at the chemical engineer guys home.

They find two of the guys there. The chemical engineer and the guy that Marlon and Cobb interviewed earlier. He was trying to get the chemical engineer to write out some kind of confession at gunpoint. He refuses and talks about how it was all the other guys fault. Marlon, Cobb and Charlie subdue the guy with the gun and take them both in.

At the station, the chemical engineer guy tells them the whole story. Embry and an insurance company representative listen to the whole thing. Embry makes a crack that it's a good thing the insurance company has deep pockets, because once the story gets out, there will probably be big lawsuits.

Cobb goes to apologize to Eileen and she eventually accepts his apology.

In a deserted area, Charlie tells Embry that the camera malfunctioned and he complains about defective equipment. Instead of ending the mission, Embry tells him to keep at it and that he'll have the camera replaced.

When Marlon walks into his home, he sees a bunch of people working on his house. The old nurse explains that because he cracked the case, the insurance company settled, very handsomely, all the previously denied claims. When they found out that he'd have to leave, after all he'd done for everyone else, all the denied homeowners got together and agreed to chip in a little of their settlements to help him keep his home.

Next week on K-Ville, a case is very personal for Marlon. Will he let the justice system work, or will he take it into his own hands?

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