K-Ville: Episode 7 "Melissa" Recap
K-Ville: Episode 7 "Melissa" Recap
K-Ville's body of the week is a plastic surgeon with a briefcase full of money that wasn't taken when the good doctor was bludgeoned to death. This week's story is about Dr. Steven Schmidt, his daughter Melissa and Marlon's childcare issues.

Marlon's wife is out of town tending to her sick father and left Latonya with her dad. All through the episode, he's late picking her up and he keeps promising her different animals from a puppy to a dragon. There is no doubt that Marlon loves his daughter, and that plays a big role in solving this weeks case.
When asked by the police about possible problems, Dr. Schmidt's widow, Cathy, said that he'd been holed up in his home office on the phone and the computer for the past few weeks. Marlon and Cobb find five telephone calls to a Dallas number and one of the owners of that line, Luke, just happens to be in New Orleans right now.

They find Luke's grandmother and she tells them that Luke is back in town to see his daughter that he thought died during Katrina. When the grandmother shows the guys a picture of Luke's daughter, it turns out to be the doctor's daughter. The doctor and his wife adopted Melissa after she was found alone after the storm. They thought she was an orphan.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) case agent, Pete, explained to Cobb and Marlon that after the storm, there were many children found alone. If after three months they weren't claimed, they were made available for adoption. He knew Cathy from high school and felt very comfortable giving Melissa to them. Pete also told them that he knew that Luke was looking for his daughter and set it up for Luke and Dr. Schmidt to meet.

The NOPD stake out the Schmidt's house and they spot Luke. He's looking pretty raggedy and he's coming to see his daughter. When he doesn't stop after being told to, he's taken down. He gets his first sight of his daughter while laying face down on her front lawn.

At the police station, Luke denies even seeing Dr. Schmidt. He tells this fantastic story about being kidnapped and held in a mesh cage overnight with a strong smell of garlic. Although skeptical, they follow his story to Animal Control.

When they go to question the Animal Control Officer and ask to go through his van, he sics a dog on them and runs. When he stops running, he tells them that he can't go back to jail, that he was doing it all for 'her'. And then he was hit by a car and killed.

Marlon and Cobb now believe Luke's story, but the DA does not. She tries to pressure Luke into copping to a plea. He caves when she brings his daughter's well being into it. The paperwork will be ready in three hours and Marlon and Cobb have vowed to clear Luke before he signs it.

They've somehow figured out that Pete, the DCFS guy, has something to do with this. They theorize that Pete and Cathy were having an affair and have taken this way to get both her husband out of the way and Melissa's biological dad. Pete is also the case worker in charge of the animal control guy's custody issues and they think he used this to get his help.

The DA tells them that Luke's DNA is a match to the blood found at the murder scene, so she's really not inclined now to believe his story or to help. Marlon goes in to talk to Luke. He uses his daddy issues to talk to Luke and convince him not to sign the plea agreement. He promises to get to the truth.

Marlon and Cobb go back to the Schmidt house to try to get some kind of confession out of Cathy. Marlon tells her that when Melissa turns 15, he's going to make sure that she finds out that her adopted mother had her biological father framed for the murder of her adopted dad. He then uses the parental guilt thing to get her to confess.

She tells them that Dr. Schmidt found out that Luke was looking for Melissa and was going to contact him. She was afraid of losing Melissa and turned to Pete for help in keeping her. Pete told her that if she could get him $50,000, that he could make her problem go away. She said it was all on Pete to kill her husband.

When confronted, Pete said he did it because all this time he was in love with Cathy and figured that after this they could be together. She was appalled. She just wanted his help to keep her daughter and thought the $50,000 was to pay Luke off.

K-Ville ends this week with Luke finally being released from jail and meeting his daughter. Then when Marlon finally gets home, he finds that the babysitter is fast asleep and that Latonya has painted all the animals that her dad promised her on the living room walls.

Next time on K-Ville, Charlie is finally back on the force. The problem is that he's now in IAD and hunting dirty cops.

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