'Justified' Recap: Separate Plotlines Lead to Surprising Marital Revelation
'Justified' Recap: Separate Plotlines Lead to Surprising Marital Revelation
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Raylan certainly knows how to pick them: Lindsey's married.

It's a revelation that comes as a surprise after an episode designed to merely move the chess pieces of the two separate games -- the importance of that bag in Arlo's wall and Boyd's fight with the new church in town. At the same time, those chess pieces started to inch towards each other as it appears those storylines have more in common than originally thought.

The episode opens post-coital with Raylan and Lindsey. For the first time in a while, Raylan appears to be in a stable relationship and even offers to handle the bar delivery so Lindsey can stay in bed. A stranger comes in, looking to start trouble. "Do you think you could make me?" he asks Raylan, seemingly wanting to fight over him needing to leave.

The stranger later does fight -- in an organized backyard brawl. He's the victor and the people who bet against him are not happy about that. He's able to fend them off, however, and later returns to the bar where he reveals that he's Lindsey's husband.

Ella Mae, meanwhile, reveals to Ava that she believes she can be saved by the new church in town. She recites from "palms" to Ava who calmly, but firmly explains, "There ain't no salvation for us." Ella Mae tries to leave the church later, but Billy, the pastor convinces her to rise above it. He even, we assume, sends children to pester Boyd later on with the fake money the church has been handing out.

Boyd knows the church is going to be an issue--he still believes they're the ones that have caused the drop-off in his oxy sales. But he won't visit it for himself and even enlists Shelby the Sheriff to look into them. Apparently Billy and his sister Cassie go from town to town; Shelby sees them as a potential force for good, whereas Boyd automatically assumes they're up to something.

Boyd eventually does confront Billy at the church, just after Ella Mae is baptized. Boyd assumes that Billy wants to "cast him out," while the preacher explains that he actually wants to "bring him hn." Potentially just for his audience's benefit, Billy appears to be on the level and even ends his sermon by telling his followers to no longer donate money to the church.

After his encounter with Billy, Boyd receives a visit from Wynn Duffy since Boyd kidnapped one of his Dixie Mafia drug dealers who's been selling in Boyd's territory. Boyd suggests a partnership with Wynn as opposed to Boyd killing his dealer; Wynn settles for killing his own dealer. Before he leaves, however, he reveals that the person Arlo killed in prison in last week's episode is a member of the Dixie Mafia, bringing this storyline much closer to the one Raylan is involved in.

Raylan and Arlo, along with Tim, head out to visit the Truths who have been collecting a disabilities check on behalf of federal fugitive Waldo Truth--the man whose license was found in the bag in Arlo's wall.

On the way there, Art calls Raylan out on suspicions of doing off-the-books work and coming in like he's exhausted every morning. Raylan calls Art out for being afraid of his job after a visit by a man named Patrick who clearly is after his job.

The Truths are like the Crowders; lots of crimes committed and lots of guns amongst youngsters. (Raylan even has to knock the gun out of the hand of one of the youngest kids.)

The Truths won't hand over Waldo until they realize their meal ticket - they call it a "draw" - is threatened, but the Waldo Truth that arrives isn't actually Waldo Truth; he's been pretending to be him for decades to keep the "draw" coming in.

Waldo's wife admits that a pilot came to collect Waldo for a job years ago; she believes his name was Drew Thompson--someone both Art and Arlo apparently know. Given the flashback at the beginning of the episode last week, Waldo likely jumped out of Drew's plane to his death.

Some things were answered this week, but even more questions were asked. It's a hard episode to judge on the merits because so much of it is about setting up storylines for the rest of the season--even more than the season premiere last week.

The ending in particular was surprising, but whether it's a good surprise will likely depend on how it's played out come next week.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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