'Justified' Video Preview for 'Truth and Consequences': Raylan Has Trouble with Law and Love
'Justified' Video Preview for 'Truth and Consequences': Raylan Has Trouble with Law and Love
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If there's one thing that doesn't change on Justified, it's Raylan and women. He just doesn't have luck with the ladies, does he? His wife left him twice. His relationship with Ava didn't work out and now she's with his Harland County nemesis. He rebounded from Winona with the bartender, Lindsey, who turned out to be married. In "Truth and Consequences," it looks like Raylan will have to face off with her husband.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Justified spoilers and clips. Proceed at your own risk!

"Truth and Consequences" Official Synopsis from FX: Drew Thompson's widow turns up and gets Raylan in hot water with the FBI, while Boyd's strike at the snake church is met with a surprising strike back.

Hmm ... Drew Thompson is the pilot who hired Waldo. What could his widow do or say that would get Raylan in trouble? Presumably, she found out about the bag that Raylan found. Is it because Raylan hasn't officially reported he found it?

Here's the official preview:

Highlights from the "Truth and Consequence" trailer:

  • "Since when do you sleep with a gun?" -- Lindsey
    "Since I found out the woman I've been seeing has a husband I couldn't knock down with a hammer." -- Raylan
  • Boyd wants the church to leave town. Cassie says he needs to give them a place to go. Boyd replies, "Thing is I don't get shaken down."
  • Church is continues to grow. The tent is almost full.
  • The snack gets chopped!
  • A women is in a chair and gets knocked down. Who is it?
  • "So, how about I put a little lip into that Gary Cooper walk?" -- Lindsey's husband
    "Sounds like we've got a date." -- Raylan
Justified airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on FX.

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