'Justified' Recap: Drew Thompson Revealed
'Justified' Recap: Drew Thompson Revealed
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Tonight's new episode of Justified was a pivotal one as the identity of Drew Thompson is finally unveiled, confirming the theories of a few fans.

The episode opens with Tim watching police officers and the coroner collecting the body of his friend Mark, who Colt murdered in the last episode. Raylan, meanwhile, is waiting outside the prison waiting for the man that killed his father: Hunter Mosley. When Art learns of this, he's the angriest we've ever seen him as he tells Tim to explain his "extreme displeasure" to Raylan.

During their car ride, Hunter starts talking through the variety of ways he think Raylan is going to kill him and get away with it. Instead, Raylan takes Hunter to meet with Wynn Duffy to try and figure out who hired him to kill Arlo -- which is news to Wynn. Raylan believes him and Wynn even offers to kill Hunter for Raylan.

While Raylan is at Wynn's motor home, Ava and Boyd are looking for a real home to buy. By coincidence, the one they're visiting is the same one that Ava's mother cleaned while Ava was growing up. Boyd and Ava feign insult at the realtor inquiring how they plan to pay for the house, but Boyd tells Ava privately that he wants to buy it.

Back in the car, we learn that of course Raylan didn't let Wynn kill Hunter. Hunter, however, doesn't exactly want to live and jumps out of the car and stands in front of a truck passing by. Raylan saves his life, but then proceeds to give him a beat down. Shelby later pulls Raylan over -- though it's not clear how he was able to locate him so easily -- and offers to tag along with Raylan while he tries to convince Hunter to tell him who Drew is.

Cassie, who hasn't been seen in a number of episodes, goes to visit Ava looking for Ellen May. She tells Ava that she called yesterday looking to talk about something that was troubling her.

Boyd and Ava confront Colt about Ellen May still being alive later that day. He denies that she's alive and continues to lie that he killed her. Boyd believes him and thinks Cassie is fishing for something. Colt and Boyd then head off in separate directions for where Cassie said she'd be if they found Ellen May, while Tim decides to tail Colt secretly after watching Colt get high in his car.

While Boy and Colt are out, Teri tells Johnny about the conversation with Cassie and Ava about Ellen May. When Boyd returns, Johnny tells him he shouldn't trust Colt and that he's a liar. Johnny tells him he knows he never killed Ellen May. He claims he didn't want to accuse Colt until he had proof. He also tells Boyd that he didn't like the attention Colt was starting to get over him. 

As Johnny is aligning Boyd against Colt, Colt confronts Cassie at the church. She recognizes right away that he's high. Colt grabs her by the throat demanding to know where Ellen May is when Tim comes in pointing a gun. When Tim confronts him about the death of his friend Mark, Colt pulls out his gun and holds it at his side, making it seem like perhaps he is thinking suicide by cop.

Boyd comes in and offers to take Colt away. Colt puts the gun away and eventually Tim puts his away. Boyd gives Colt's car keys to Johnny while Colt rides with Boyd in his car.

At the same time across town, Constable Bob goes to visit Lee Paxton, one of the men who ordered Boyd to kill someone two episodes ago. Bob claims he's on official Marshall business, but Paxton tells him to get lost. Bob initially leaves but comes back and confronts Paxton with his weapon. Paxton confronts Bob with his shotgun and his friend, Gerald Johns, who is also in the house comes out with a weapon as well.

Raylan, Shelby and Hunter arrive at the house to the sound of gunfire. Bob is trapped behind his vehicle firing at Paxton and Johns when he takes out an assault weapon. (Because nothing is funnier than seeing Patton Oswalt try to fire an assault weapon.) Raylan is able to calm everyone down and to stop firing.

While Raylan is talking with Paxton and Johns, Shelby gets in the backseat of Raylan's car with Hunter who tells him he would keep Shelby's secret--that he's Drew Thompson. Shelby leaves the handcuff keys with Hunter, allowing him to escape.

During the interrogation with Paxton and Johns, Bob continues to run his mouth, in particular about Shelby's backstory. Raylan starts to figure things out and goes back to his car where he sees Hunter is still there, relaxing with his feet up and the handcuffs off. Later on, Hunter asks if the deal is still up for grabs, but Raylan tells him it's no longer available. He also lies and tells him that Arlo said nice, fatherly things to him before he died.

Back at the bar, Boyd interrogates Colt about Ellen May's supposed murder. He even asks to see the murder weapon and wants Colt to demonstrate how he pointed the gun at the back of Ellen May's head. He does and Boyd takes his weapon away from him. He points the gun at Colt and demands he stop lying to him when Johnny enters the room.

Colt finally tells the truth and Boyd pulls the trigger on the weapon--except it wasn't loaded. He starts to tell Boyd the full story and when he mentions asking for Shelby's help, Boyd demands Johnny get him out of his sight.

Boyd decides to go confront Shelby, but Ava is nervous for him to go alone. When he gets to Shelby's house, Raylan and Tim, and a bunch of Marshalls, are waiting for him. Boyd then realizes what Raylan has -- Shelby is Drew Thompson.

Now that both sides know who Drew Thompson really is, the chase is on for who is going to get to him first.

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