'Justified' Recap: Two Antagonists Swiftly Dealt With
'Justified' Recap: Two Antagonists Swiftly Dealt With
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Every time you think you might have Justified figured out, they throw a couple of curve balls. Anyone who was betting that Randall and Billy would be the season-long antagonists for Raylan and Boyd has lost their money.

For starters -- Billy is dead. He apparently died from the snake bite last week either during that scene or off-screen between that episode and this one.

His death sends Ella Mae running back to Boyd and Ava where she declares, "I just want to come home." Ava, not surprisingly, is having none of it and doesn't want her to return. Ella Mae, however, is desperate to prove her worth to their organization.

Someone else who remains under Boyd's thumb is Sheriff Shelby. After a brief look at Drew Thompson's autopsy -- our only connection in this episode to the season long mystery -- he meets with a distraught Cassie to suss out whether or not she's going to try to go after Boyd -- while Boyd is secretly on speaker phone.

Ella Mae is later told she should move to Alabama and leave the prostitution business. She doesn't accept right away, but eventually acquiesces. On the way there, Colt, who is driving her, receives a phone call in which we're not privy to the other end of the conversation. It certainly sounds like he is being given the order to kill her. He tells her that Ava has changed her mind and wants Ella Mae to come back.

Colt pulls off in a gas station and takes some drugs in the bathroom -- presumably to hype himself up to kill her. But by the time he returns to his car, Ella Mae appears to have wised up to what was going on and is missing.

Also missing throughout this episode is Lindsey, as well as Raylan's money for his forthcoming child. Initially, Raylan isn't sure if Lindsey partnered with Randall to steal from him, until Rachel points out that if she has an overnight bag and it's gone, she is. (She does and it was.)

Randall and Lindsey go to a party to discuss a business deal involving Raylan's money. Raylan and Rachel -- who is tagging along with him before her shift starts -- eventually find their way there as well, long after Randall and Lindsey have left. They learn that Randall is using Raylan's money to manage cock fighters.

Back on the run, Lindsey distracts a clerk while pretending to be interested in cameras so Randall can steal alcohol from the back of the store. Lindsey clearly is in love with being bad alongside Randall again, but when he realizes -- mid-make-out session in the car -- that she was flirting with the clerk too much for his taste, he heads back off to the store where he beats the clerk.

This freaks Lindsey out and she makes a call to Raylan -- though she lies and tells Randall it was 911 for the clerk. Raylan and Rachel meet up with the hen seller and then get the call about the convenience store. Now that they can track down Randall and Lindsey, Rachel has to return to work, but not before she gives Raylan a shotgun to try out.

And try it out he does. Luckily for Randall, it's filled with beanbags and is non-lethal. While they wrestle on the ground, Lindsey gets the gun and shoots Raylan once and then Randall multiple times. She tells Raylan, who is hurting, that the van has his money. "I knew you liked me," he tells her before she leaves.

After she's gone, he officially puts Randall under arrest and realizes that his money is not in his van -- what they spent his money on is: chickens. Lots of fighting chickens.

Winona probably isn't going to be happy about that...

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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