'Justified' Spoilers: Drew Thompson Revealed on 'The Hatchet Tour'
'Justified' Spoilers: Drew Thompson Revealed on 'The Hatchet Tour'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The moment Justified fans have been waiting for finally arrives on tonight's "The Hatchet Tour": the unmasking of Drew Thompson. In the aftermath of Arlo's death, Raylan takes Shelby on the scenic route during his prison transfer and of course they run into complications along the way. 

Spoiler alert: This article contains Justified spoilers and clips. Proceed at your own risk.

On "The Hatchet Tour," secrets finally get revealed and the outcome isn't pretty. 

Boyd finds out that it's probable that Colt lied about killing Ellen May and sets out to find the truth. With the former prostitute on the loose, will that complicate Boyd and Ava's criminal life extrication plan?

Even though Hunter Mosley killed his father, Raylan offers him a deal to reveal Drew Thompson's current identity. Raylan is obsessed with finding Drew. By the end of the hour, Raylan will uncover the answer in an unexpected way.

Check out the trailer for more on the episode.

A few more tidbits about "The Hatchet Tour":

  • Boyd and Ava look to make a new future for themselves.
  • Constable Bob is back and he sees some action! And, loses something he loves. Poor guy.
  • Tim and Colt have a showdown and that's not the only time a gun is pointed at Colt.
  • Truck versus Man: Who wins? Raylan, of course!
"The Hatchet Tour" is brings several complicated situations to the forefront with truths being revealed. What happens once the secrets are out?

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