'Justified' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Say Hello to the Crowe Family
'Justified' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Say Hello to the Crowe Family
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Since his introduction on Justified, Dewey Crowe has always been a reliable source of comedy. But are we prepared for what seems to be an entire season devoted to him and his wacky family?


The jury's still out as to whether or not this family will be as fascinating, diabolical and downright scary as the Bennett family was in season 2, but so far ... we've off to a good start. My one caveat: in a show with already an embarrassment of riches when it comes to characters, I'm going to have to continue to do a lot of Googling during the show to remember who everyone is.

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Introducing the Crowe Family


We open season 5 in court, where Raylan is on the stand being questioned by Dewey's lawyer for the terrible things he's done to him over the years. US attorney Vazquez winds up settling with Dewey -- he must have been suing the government -- for $300,000. (Dewey mistakenly assumed it was $300.)


The rest of Dewey's family isn't as well off as he is down in Florida. Dilly Crowe is working with Elvis Machado -- Sucre from Prison Break, if you will. Raylan is sent to investigate what Elvis and Dilly are up to by Art and he's warned by Dewey that "Them Florida Crowes are bad news."


Raylan is paired up with Greg Sutter, a Florida US Marshall played by Brick from Anchorman. (Hopefully, this won't be his only appearance on the show, nor will it be from other amazing character actors like Dave Foley.)


Daryl Crowe, Jr., played by Michael Rapaport, appears to be the "head" of the family. Since he's just been paroled, he's not too happy that Dilly killed someone and is causing trouble for the Crowe family.


Raylan and Greg, meanwhile, get the run-around from Jean Baptiste, a gator farmer, who is in league with the Crowes. They eventually meet up with Wendy Crowe, who is representing Darryl, and wants his parole ended early in exchange for info on Elvis.


Wendy winds up picking up Elvis with the intention of driving him to Raylan and Greg, but she crashes her car on purpose so he can get away. But that's just a cover as she also tells Raylan exactly where he's heading, and Raylan finds him on a motor boat trying to get to Cuba. He tries to convince Elvis to come away peacefully, but Elvis opts for suicide by cop.


By the end of the premiere, Raylan and Daryl seem to have an uneasy alliance, but of course, that won't last long...

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Boyd's Struggling Empire


Ava is still in jail after the events of last season and even has a lawyer who goes by the nickname of The Wild One. Since Boyd isn't able to get her out right away, he's busy dealing with issues up in Detroit with his partner, Wynn Duffy -- now a regular character on the show.


Boyd doesn't have an easy go of it in this episode as he gets part of his ear shot off and gets Sammy Tonin's blood splattered on him and Wynn when Picker murders Sammy in front of both of them. The new business arrangement he's got going with Wynn and the Detroit mob is not off to a very promising start.


With all of this causing trouble for Boyd, he decides to stick himself in the mud even further when he murders (or nearly murders -- it's unclear) Paxton at his funeral home after he refuses to help Ava by leaning on her judge. Boyd offers Mara, Paxton's mail-order bride money, to be quiet, but she doesn't tell Boyd definitively on whether or not she wants it.


Instead, the episode ends on Mara checking on Paxton's "dead" body and telling him she'll take care of him.

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Other Musings and Observations


-- The scene where Raylan shoots holes in Dewey's pool is hysterical. I just really wish FX hadn't ruined them in the promos they were running for the new season.


-- Sammy Tonin's death is shocking since he's barely been in charge of the Detroit mob after the ending of last season. But given the phone call Art gets at the end of the episode about Sammy's whereabouts when Nicky Augustine is killed, it seems like Raylan could be found out later this season for the deal he made with Sammy. That is a plot line I'm very interested in seeing develop.


-- Even with the actress playing her not on the show as a regular, we still get a Skype-like appearance from Winona (and Raylan's daughter!) at the end of the episode.

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