'Justified' Recap: The Idea is to be Better!
'Justified' Recap: The Idea is to be Better!
So after almost an entire season, Justified finally pulled it together, and found a way to bring together the Dickie/Limehouse/Quarles/Duffy/Raylan/Arlo storyline in a pretty suspenseful and satisfying manner. Almost like a caper movie, this week's episode featured a lot of intricate plot crossings, so let's try and find our way through the brush.

Quarles, Captive

At the beginning of the episode, Quarles is still in captivity. But for some reason, Boyd has given the task of guardian to two pill-addicted prostitutes who really have no chance against the Carpetbeggar's mindgames. Kat and Minerva, as their names go, quickly get high with the sexual deviant psychopath, and then pave the way for his escape. But fear not! Raylan is on his tracks.

Boyd, Violent

Dickie goes to pay a visit to Boyd who, upon seeing him, puts a plastic bag over his head and punches him repeatedly in the face. Before Boyd can kill him though, it's made clear that the 3.2 million dollars Limehouse is keeping from Dickie are supposed to be in a safety deposit box at a local bank. The BBQ lord moves it around a lot and that night might just be such an occasion. It would be the perfect opportunity for all the parties involved to intervene.

Limehouse, Vengeant

There are two problems with that plan, unbeknownst to Boyd. The cops and Raylan know what he's up to, and Limehouse does too. So when Quarles comes to pay a visit to the hobby butcher, he suggests he kill Boyd when the former neo-nazi walks out of that bank later that evening. After all, Quarles is still indebted to Limehouse - and he still has a bone to pick with Boyd.

The Scheme

But Boyd has his own little plan going on and conspires with Duffy to kill Quarles. Earlier, it seems like Boyd's gang might try to capture the Oxy-smoking, blue-eyed lunatic and turn him in for $200,000, but at that point that's not an option anymore.

Boyd and Duffy plot to kill him. But Boyd is also not an idiot and he figures out soon enough that the money is not, in fact, in that safety deposit box.

The Big Night

So Limehouse and Quarles know that Boyd is going to hit up that bank. Limehouse even knows what kind of trick he's going to use. But it's not like Raylan wouldn't be aware of what's going on. So on the big night, Boyd confronts Quarles, Quarles shoots a police officer, and we finally know who has the money. But for the sake of spoiler safety, I won't say anything yet.

What did you think of this week's episode? Satisfied about how the season seems to be playing out? What trick does Boyd still has up his sleeve?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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