'Justified' Recap: The Deaths Start to Pile Up
'Justified' Recap: The Deaths Start to Pile Up
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Want a body count in this week's episode of Justified? You got it.

You also get a visit from an old friend of the show -- that, alas, is spoiled if you pay attention to the credits at the beginning of the episode.

The Search for Dewey

The bulk of this week's episode is spent on the hunt for Dewey Crowe -- and the drugs he stole.

Dewey is convinced it's "gonna be golden times for Dewey Crowe" when he ransoms his drugs to Boyd, but he also has to evade Raylan, who is also hot on his trail.

Raylan knows Dewey was involved in what happened to Miller (who's alive, but in the hospital) and he winds up tricking the local whores into giving him a phone to call Dewey.

Dewey seeks help and advice from the imprisoned Dickie Bennett. It's great to see Dickie, but it probably would have been more effective if it was a surprise.

Dickie convinces Raylan to come see him and promises to tell him where Dewey is, if Raylan helps him get in a less secure prison. Raylan refuses and eventually figures out where Dewey is anyway.

Danny finds Dewey first, however, and they draw on each other. A third person, a middleman hired by Danny, calms them both down by drawing on both of them. He forces Dewey to give the drugs to Danny. Dewey, of course, gets nothing.

One Crowe Loses His Life and Kendal Swears a Blood Oath to the Family

Kendal runs away from home at the end of the episode after Danny's beloved dog, Chelsea, is hit by a car. Kendal is afraid of how Danny will react and doesn't want to be home to see that reaction.

He heads to Alison's, where she makes him a sandwich until Wendy arrives to come get him.
Back at the Crowes, Kendal finally tells Danny that Chelsea is dead. He starts to freak out and Kendal flips out to Daryl and Wendy that Danny killed Jean Baptiste. He admits it and all he gets from Darryl is a punch to the face.

When Raylan confronts Danny as he's burying Chelsea, they two of them get into an argument and Danny, once again, wants to prove his 21-foot rule. (As in, someone with a knife can kill someone faster than someone with a gun can, if they're standing less than 21 feet apart.)

Danny starts running towards Raylan with his knife drawn and falls into a trap. (I assume an animal trap?) Something stabs him in the neck and he dies.

"So, you didn't shoot him," Art tells Raylan later. "That's something."

Raylan, however, isn't laughing and is worried about Alison; he asks that Art protect her in case the Crowes decide to hurt her. 

Wendy, meanwhile, wants to get out of town as quickly as possible. She and Daryl get into a scuffle and Darryl decides to make sure he's got Kendal's loyalty. "You Crowe or not?" he asks him. He then makes him do a blood bond with him and the episode ends with the two "brothers" now united.

Ava Kills Judith

Ava is responsible for the other notable death this week. After saying "goodbye" to Boyd at the beginning of the episode when he comes to visit her, she tries to kill Judith in the bathroom, but has to back out when Penny interrupts her.

In the meantime, a local whore has a drink with Albert, the prison guard, who framed Ava. After they leave the bar together, we learn that Boyd has been watching their conversation intently.

Back at the prison, Penny confesses she actually wants Judith killed too. She gives Ava a better weapon and tells her when she can find Judith alone.

Ava goes to see Judith in the chapel and proposes a deal that would let her live. But instead, Judith attacks her, and in the ensuing fight, Ava stabs her to death.

Boyd, meanwhile, is talking to a tied-up Albert. He wants Albert to "unring the bell he struck," but Albert says he can't. More important, he claims he did what he did because he loves Ava.

And then Boyd lets him go.

My mind is boggling at that. It's so random and so uncharacteristic of Boyd -- unless he has a bigger plan at play and wants to use Albert in other ways. And for that, he would need him alive.

Other Odds and Ends

-- Could Boyd also face death by the end of the season? There's a small, but pivotal scene in the episode where Picker tries to point out to Wynn how much of a liability Boyd is.

-- Wynn goes to see Katherine, an old flame, whom he wants to come in on an "assessment." Since she's played by Mary Steenburgen, I'm definitely interested to see where this goes.

-- Raylan really goes off the deep edge in this episode when he basically assaults Daryl with very little probable cause. 

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