'Justified' Recap: Some Snakes Reveal Themselves, Others Remain Hidden
'Justified' Recap: Some Snakes Reveal Themselves, Others Remain Hidden
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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By the end of tonight's episode, Raylan is consumed by two mysteries: what happened to Drew Thompson and what happened to Lindsey?

At the beginning of the episode, Lindsey wants to make clear to Raylan that Randall is no longer her husband. She divorced him after he went to prison - again - for getting into a fight defending her. Raylan's concerned, but temptation gives in and he presumably sleeps with her.

Raylan later goes to challenge and potentially provoke Randall into violating his parole -- even after learning he already did when he left the state of Florida. Randall refuses to leave and Raylan plans on visiting him later. When he does, however, he sees that he's already left town.

It's at the end of the episode that he learns Lindsey has left as well. While it looked like her apartment was torn apart and she potentially had been kidnapped, Raylan seems to assume she left on her own accord. With Randall perhaps?

Raylan does have to deal with an actual kidnapper earlier in the episode. Art tells Raylan that Drew Thompson, the pilot whose name we learned in last week's episode, was wanted in a sealed witness warrant and he had a widow. Tim and Raylan then head out to meet with the widow.

After becoming concerned with a man approaching her house -- he turns out to be FBI Agent Barnes - the widow winds up escaping the house (and Raylan and Tim), only to be kidnapped.

Turns out, however, the kidnapper is working with Barnes. Once Raylan confronts him, Barnes considers "suicide by marshal," but eventually opts for just killing himself after he tells Raylan where he can find the widow. Raylan and the marshals are able to rescue her in time, and more importantly, learn the man who took her works for Theo Tonin.

(For those who may have forgotten -- and I was one of them -- Tonin took care of last year's villain Quarles when he was growing up and eventually chose his real son to become his heir over Quarles.)

Tonin is sending men to find Drew because apparently he witnessed Tonin killing a government informant. Drew even warned his wife ahead of time that one day someone would come tell her that he was dead -- even though he wouldn't be.

While Raylan rescues the widow, he was a bit disturbed by some of his encounters with her. She claimed to be a psychic and even proves that she might be when she correctly predicted that Raylan would go see Randall.

Just like Drew's widow, Billy is also a true believer in his calling. So much so that when Boyd confronts him at the end of the episode claiming his sister Cassie used poisoned snakes on his men, Billy willingly opens a box that Boyd claims contains another snake. (At least, that's what I assume the plotline was about. It was very confusing what Boyd was accusing Cassie of in that tent scene.)

One might assume the box Boyd had was empty -- that it was just a ploy. But there was a snake inside and at first, Billy was able to control it. But eventually the snake wound up biting him and he passed out from the venom. Whether or not he's dead, he'll be out of commission for a bit, meaning Cassie will need to lead the congregation.

Without realizing it, Boyd may have a stronger enemy in Cassie than Boyd as at least she knows she's a snake.

Other thoughts:

- Rachel made a mistake in the field and she argues with Art that Raylan screws up all the time. "He's a lost cause," Art tells her. "I still have hope for you." Will Rachel continue to screw up this season?

- Johnny secretly meets with Wynn and offers to help him kill Boyd. Will Johnny wind up being a bigger threat this season than Cassie/Billy?

- Drew's widow tells Raylan and Tim, "I see so much death around you. Both of you." Is she recapping the past? Or predicting the future?

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