'Justified' Recap: Raylan Makes a Big Decision About His Future
'Justified' Recap: Raylan Makes a Big Decision About His Future
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Without Art as his boss, could Raylan finally end up how his old friend Boyd did? As a criminal, that is?

I can't help but wonder that throughout this week's episode as Raylan faces one of his toughest criminals ever -- someone who would never use a "real" weapon, but someone who's technologically more adept than he is.

Raylan Tracks a Hacker and Requests a Transfer

Raylan stumbles upon his new case mostly by accident. He has no idea that Art has banished him to dealing with "walk-ins" to the marshal's office. The latest is a man named Larry, angry that his backgammon gambling website was seized when Monroe was arrested weeks ago.

But as it turns out, "US marshalls" seized that property. Larry was fooled by a hacker who pretended the "US marshals" (spelled correctly) seized it so he could get Larry's money. Larry tracks down the hacker, named TC, and the woman hanging around him, Candice.

Unfortunately, Larry is betrayed by his hired gun, Kemp, who shoots him in the head when he finds out Larry was only going to give him $5,000 in exchange for recovering his quarter of a million dollars. He then takes Candice as hostage for leverage.

Raylan shows up as Kemp and Candice are leaving. When he confronts TC, he escapes out the window, even though he has one leg. Even Tim had to make fun of Raylan for letting a man with only one leg get away from him.

TC begins to taunt Raylan by posting online about how he got away and even canceling Raylan's credit cards. TC could never physically beat Raylan, but he easily got the best of him when it came to technology.

Raylan, in trying to trace a phone call from TC, winds up in the hotel room where Kemp is holding Candice. (TC lured Raylan there by making it seem like he placed a phone call form that room.) Raylan is able to track down TC when Candice reveals his location.

While under arrest, TC tells Raylan about how he got his start in hacking and how he made a fortune by always being "caller number seven" on radio call-in contests.

Back at the office, Raylan confronts Art about being stuck with walk-in duty. "This the way it gonna be now ... now until you retire?" he asks. "What if it is?" Art responds.

Raylan says fine, transfer me. Art agrees. And then Raylan says he wants to take a vacation to Florida, to visit his kid, and that when he returns, he wants to be transferred.

Art wants to know if this trip to Florida will be paid by the US marshals (as it was in the first episode this season) or if he'll pay for it. Raylan, perhaps nodding to the idea that he's more than willing to bend the law even more without Art's oversight, responds that he'll pay for it. He was caller number seven on a call-in radio show. 

Penny Gets Boyd a New Drug Deal

Ava quickly finds herself a new role in prison when she joins up with Penny's group led by a female preacher. (Well, she's probably not a real preacher, that is.)

Turns out the jail's religious group is the one that bring drugs into the prison -- even though they don't do them.

They want Ava's help. She's due to replace Penny in the team. Ava meets the rest of the team, which is a maintenance guy and a prison guard. In exchange for turning a blind eye, the prison guard gets to have sex with Penny -- and eventually Ava when she takes over for Penny.

Ava, not okay at all with this partnership, sneaks one of the drugs into the maintenance guy's stuff so he'll get busted and the entire team will be disbanded.

The preacher confronts Ava about the heroin supply chain drying up, but she doesn't outright accuse Ava, who says she can get the heroin. "I hope you didn't risk all of our lives," says the preacher, "to keep from screwing a guard." After she's left, Penny offers that if Ava can get the dope, Penny might have a way to get it into the prison.

I have to assume Boyd is going to supply the drugs, no? 

Boyd Finally Gets His Man -- But Also a New, Bigger Problem

While Boyd has plenty of drugs by the end of the episode, he doesn't necessarily have a way to get them into the country.

Just as he suggested at the end of the last episode, Boyd has teamed up with the Crowes to find Johnny (and Boyd's 25 kilos of heroin).

He winds up having to head down to Mexico, where Johnny is hoping to make a deal with Mr. Yoon. Yoon tells both Boyd and Johnny that if Johnny's money is good, he's doing the drug deal with him; if it's not, he's doing the deal with Boyd.

The two cousins have to wait, together, for Johnny's man to show up with the cash. They have a bit of a heart to heart before Johnny's man shows up and Mr. Yoon's goon tells him the deal is done. He then asks Johnny to take care of Boyd over the border.

But when they get to the border, Johnny learns that Boyd struck a secret deal with Yoon as the Crowes are inside the truck where the drugs are supposed to be. Boyd offers amnesty to everyone but Johnny.

Suddenly, Danny and Daryl start shooting Johnny's men and Boyd is left with no choice but to shoot Johnny. He then has to call Mr. Yoon to tell him they have a problem -- namely, a lot of dead bodies and no way of getting the drugs back into the United States. 

Other Odds and Ends

-- Wendy, who may or may not have a real crush on Raylan, gets Alison suspended for two weeks by dredging up some old case studies.

-- Also worth mentioning: Raylan tries to recruit Wendy to help him get rid of Daryl at the end of the episode.

-- It's kind of surprising that Raylan lets Kemp walk right past him with kidnapped Candice. Not saying Raylan should be a mind reader, but I'm a little surprised he doesn't think something's up.

-- Love "The Fugitive" shout-out: Kemp calling himself Richard Kimble and the fact that TC is a one-legged man. (Not a one-armed man, but still.)

-- Kendall calls his Uncle Jack to come get him. He's tired of living with Daryl and the rest of the family. Refresh my memory, readers: have we met Uncle Jack before?

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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