'Justified' Recap: Hunter Becomes Hunted
'Justified' Recap: Hunter Becomes Hunted
Because Quarles threatened Raylan's life in the last episode of Justified, he is supposed to be brought in by the Marshal's office, being that it's a federal offense. Suspecting that a far more personal feud is brewing between Raylan and Quarles, Art tags along because he can't let his favorite employee get himself into harm's way more than necessary. As it turns out, they both just discuss fatherhood and fill out paperwork together. Nothing too dangerous.

Money Cooler

Dickie is released from prison and is promptly greeted by one of Limehouse's men. Said man brings $46,000 in cash in a cooler, supposed to satisfy Dickie enough that he won't inquire where the BBQ grandmaster has hidden the rest of Maggie's $3 million fortune. But Dickie wouldn't be Dickie if he wasn't working an angle, so he enlists Rodney to strong arm the Limehouse clan into revealing where the money is. But, of course, the plan doesn't work as the Marshal's department was on Dickie's case all along. As if that has been a surprise.

Campaign Money

Meanwhile, Quarles pays a little visit to Sheriff Napier, who readily took a lot of money from the Carpetbeggar for his campaign. But of course that money is gone. So Quarles coerces the Sheriff into providing him the address of some drug dealers employed by Boyd he could rob. And then he does. Which, as expected from him by now, turns into a bloody massacre.

Trouble's Brewing

But as we learn, Quarles is in a bit of trouble himself. First of all, a couple of hit men from Detroit turn up that first seem to be after Raylan, but as it turns out they are really after Quarles on behalf of a certain Theo Tonin. Furthermore, he tries to drop off the drugs robbed earlier at Limehouse's place to pay off some debt he has amassed with him. But Limehouse doesn't consider the debt to be settled.

Death Sentence?

Even worse, Boyd gets wind that Quarles has raided one of his places. He also gets wind that Sheriff Napier might have something to do with that. So he pays him a visit and they both set-up Quarles to walk into Boyd's trap. With Quarles in hand, the Raylan's nemesis seems to finally have come closer to total control of Harlan's criminal activity, but Duffy disagrees with him. Which should give us enough meat for the remaining two episodes of Justified!

Jan Cee
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